Horror Movie Mama Review

Horror Movie Mama

I am always on the lookout for a good scary movie, and scary movies that revolve around some kind of ghost, spirit, entity, or demon are my favorite kind, there may have been thousands of these types of movies released recently and frankly, some of them are getting a little stale and somewhat prediction, however, Mama sounded very promising.

I have been wanting to watch Mama for some time after hearing various rumors and comments about how scary it’s, so do does it live up to the hype?

The story starts with a senior investor who is having some kind of mental breakdown causing him to kill his wife, while driving with his two younger daughters in the back seat, he’s clearly distressed and he becomes distracted and he ends up driving his car off the snowy road. He manages to get himself and his daughters to an abandoned cabin.

The father has a dark agenda, he plans to shoot his two daughters, just before he pulls the trigger a dark figure appears and takes the father away. The daughters Victoria and Lilly were left alone in the isolated cabin surrounded by a forest for five years, but how did they survive for such a long time by themselves? Eventually, the girls are discovered, and they’ve been taken in and cared for by relatives.

As I said before we have seen so many new horror movies about some kind of ghost or entity terrorizing a family in some sort of way, it’s a concept that has been overused and it’s getting tiresome, and now we have Mama, another evil spirit type horror.

On the surface, Mama may seem like another unoriginal overly done and predictable horror movie, and in some ways it’s, however it still manages to be surprisingly fresh and engrossing, it offered enough new ideas and differences to prevent me from losing interest, unlike Paranormal Activity 4.

We have a good cast in Mama, overall we have solid and believable performances throughout, Jessica Chastain is convincing as the mother Annabel, she is very believable in her role which helps to build the tension throughout the movie. The direction is good, the movie moves along at just the right pace, the timing is spot on especially during the shock scare scenes which do their job effectively, despite these scenes being a little predictable. The nice pace helps with the overall atmosphere which is essential in my opinion for a good scary movie.

The ghost or entity herself is very creepy with her very thin spider-like long limbs and big eyes, you can tell that Guillermo del Toro has had some influence in the design of Mama which is clearly recognizable in some instances.

Overall Mama is a well above-average horror movie, while the concept may be overused it’s done with quality and it did provide a few new ideas that I hadn’t seen before. Mama is scary, atmospheric, well-paced, easy to follow and it has a good cast. This is probably my favorite horror movie since Insidious and one of the best in recent years.

Author Matt at Best Scary Movies

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