Horror Movie THE TENSION EXPERIENCE Trailer is Here


Director Darren Lynn Bousman, shared the trailer for his latest project, a live-action “immersive” theater project called The Tension Experience.

From Darren himself:

“A few years back I went to New York and caught a site-specific, immersive theatrical experience called Sleep No More.  It changed my life as artist.  It shook me out of the daze I had found myself in.  It not only inspired me as a participant, but as a creator.   Soon after I became obsessed with this world I didn’t know existed… I flew again to NYC and then London for shows like Then She Fell, The Drowned Man, amongst others.  I felt awakened to this new type of story telling I didn’t know existed… 

For at least the last few years  I have been working on my own immersive theatre project entitled The Tension Experience. We just launched the show two weeks ago and, honestly, I couldn’t be more proud it. 

This is unlike anything I have ever done or been apart of.  

While it is a horror-based Experience, it is NOT a haunted house.  While it is macabre, it is not only for the gore-hounds.  

It is theatre. It requires you to participate and be present.  It will make you uncomfortable, it will get under your skin, and it will be completely unlike anything else you do this season.  

I know everyone has a busy Halloween season and living in Los Angeles, there is no shortage to frights to be had.  However, if you are looking for something interesting, unique and challenging to do this Halloween season, I implore you check out The Tension Experience: Ascension.”

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