Horror Movies That Filled Cinemas This Year

Ethan Hawk's SINISTER Trailer

Not everyone is a fan of horror movies but still millions around the world rush to the cinemas to get their doze of terror and fear whenever a new realization pops out. Even though horror fans deemed 2012 a „scarier“year 2013 has some horror jewels of its own. If you are thinking which horror movie to watch on the next Friday evening with your crew – have a look at the list below and you might get inspired.

Sinister (2012)

Sinister had its premiere last year but it didn’t really lack publicity in 2013 either. The story runs around the young writer Ethan who has a hobby not many would brag about. He runs after the grimmest crimes across the country, writing books after the true events, trying to hit the next bestseller.

When he moves into the new house, where the entire family was recently hanged off the tree in the backyard, he doesn’t tell his wife about the property’s spooky history. During the move in, he finds weird recordings in the attic and decides to investigate them. Ethan soon appears to be at the biggest case of his writing career, hence he wishes he never was.

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Even though Bradly Fuller, the producer of planetary popular The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006), announced how there would be no third part of the movie – look at the devil he’s there and in 3D! The movie follows the well known story of the Sawyer family picking up the events from the first part of the Texas Chainsaw franchise.

The movie has ran into not so positive critics hence remains one of the most viewed once in 2012/2013 and why is so you might find out only if you see it for yourself.

Dark Feed (2013)

Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen are two directors bringing us the Dark Feed – a horror movie about the film crew trying to shoot a horror movie. A Movie crew moves in deserted psychiatric hospital of a shady past to film a low-budget horror movie. The ambient seems more than fitting but turns grimmer and darker as the crew closes in to finish the project. When the extremely strange behavior alarms the still sane crew members of the time to leave the infectious hospital they decide to leave – but the building and its darksome environment tend to hold them guests for some time more.

Dark Circles (2012)

Alex and Penny are young and recently married couple living in the big town. When they get a small baby boy they mutually agree how the big town is not a good place to raise a child in the manner they see it proper. Their struggle with not-easy-at-all parenthood begins and they decide to move in a remote farmhouse situated not far from suburban area.

Sleepless nights spent babysitting and looking after the baby begins to take its toll and their relationship seems not to shine so bright anymore. The first spottings of a strange woman just outside of their house were attributed to the lack of sleep and acute fatigue. As the visions become more often the terrified parents are against-the-wall to make a conclusion they picked the wrong house to move in.

The Woman in Black (2013)

New adaption of the same-called novel written by Susan Hill has got yet another chance to project the Hill’s masterpiece at the big screens. There are few horror fans who haven’t heard of the novel entitled “The Woman in Black” – and here comes the movie.

Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliff) is a young widower whose wife passed giving birth to their son. Struggling with the work, he’s given the last chance to keep his lawyer’s position. He is to go to the remote village in England to handle the estate of a recently deceased woman. He receives cold welcoming upon arrival to later find out a carefully-guarded secret of the villagers.

Maniac (2012)

Maniac is a remake of the same-called cult horror movie from 1980s. Elijah Wood playing Frank Zito has shown impeccable acting skills by impersonating socially disturbed young man whose mother has awaken deep and violent sexually-triggered behavior throughout his emotionally miserable childhood.

The plot sets in New York where Frank inherits the business of running a mannequin shop from his mother, after she passes away. His mother, a professional prostitute, raised Frank in her professionally-influenced environment where he often witnessed his mother’s clients coming home and taking her mother away.

Frank grew up stripped-off the attention and love of his mother and soon finds out he developed certain feelings to female gender that are uncontrollably expressed through rage, violence and savagery resulting in heinous crimes. Soon, Frank sets off on a killing spree until he meets Anna whom he falls in love with. For a moment, Frank seems to be subdued to the purest emotion of love he ever felt, until…

Pick out any of above mentioned horror movie for a nightly dose of fear, screams and paranoia. If you are one of those who deem horror movies too extreme to watch but rather like to laugh and run some happy tears – check out the top 5 comedies and laugh it off. What are the horror movies that left the most impression on you?

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