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10 Hot Gaming Apps For Summer

Apps come out so frequently these days that it’s tough to keep track of what’s new or what’s hot. Still, during the summer it’s always nice to have a few fun games downloaded to occupy your down time on a rainy beach day, road trip, etc. So here’s one frequent app gamer’s look at 10 of the best gaming apps out there right now.

1. Minecraft
If you don’t have Minecraft yet, it’s time to get on board. Basically, this game allows you to create worlds by stacking blocks together for as long as you wish to keep creating. It’s a blast just to create, and there are also specific challenges and competitive options.

2. Peggle
In Peggle, your job is to launch a small ball at a grid of pegs in an attempt to take out all of the orange ones. With each new level the grid changes, and at different intervals you gain new specialties for your shots.

3. Bloons TD Battles
“Bloons” has become arguably the most popular tower defense game in existence, and this app version allows you to play it against friends and competitors. Head-to-head tower defense is new, and incredibly entertaining.

4. Flow Free
This is a puzzle game, in which you have to connect dots of the same color across a grid. However, the lines connecting your dots can’t intersect with other lines, meaning much thought and strategy is involved.

5. Betfair Casino
The app version of Casino.Betfair is unique in that it offers real money casino gambling within an app game! Play your favorite casino floor games for fun, or with real money on the line.

6. Temple Run
This game’s been around for a while (though there are new versions), but it’s still addicting. Control a character dashing through temples and jungle terrain, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. It’s impossible not to want to beat your score every time.

7. Sky Burger
In this game, you control the bottom patty of a burger, scooting along the bottom of the screen to catch falling ingredients. The catch is, you must catch specific ingredients for different orders, which grow increasingly complex.

8. Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Robot Unicorn Attack is a very app-friendly game. Basically, you control a mystical unicorn darting through terrain, exploding stars for points. Somehow, it’s incredibly entertaining.

9. Turtles, Huh?
This is a tough game to explain, because it’s basically 9 games in 1. 8 mini-games help you to gain new features for the 1 main game. The games involve varying reflex, focus, and puzzle-solving skills.

10. Plants Vs. Zombies
Mixing puzzle, strategy and adventure, this game pits you against advancing zombies. The goal: protect your home by placing plants on a grid (with different plants having different ways of stopping or slowing down the zombies).

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