HOT Jessica Rabbit Cosplay

She is the hottest and most memorable character from Who framed Roger Rabbit. Today we have the hottest cosplay of Jessica!

Who didn’t liked Jessica rabbit, If you haven’t seen ” Who framed roger rabbit ” then i highly recommend you should. Well by the time you finished this post I know what will your next Google query be.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was also a critical success and received positive reviews. Roger Ebert gave a positive review, predicting it would carry “the type of word of mouth that money can’t buy. This movie is not only great entertainment but a breakthrough in craftsmanship.” Janet Maslin of The New York Times commented that “although this isn’t the first time that cartoon characters have shared the screen with live actors, it’s the first time they’ve done it on their own terms and make it look real” Source : Wikipedia .

The shoot is done for Jessica Rabbit at Edifice Studio in Manila, Philippines, with Jay Tablante and his full team.




“I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

Love this pair of photos Leonard grabbed at Dragoncon. The lighting fits the character well.

From Yaya :

Jessica Rabbit has always been one of the most mesmerizing cartoon characters to me – as a kid she made me watch the movie over and over again, and as a cosplayer, she was always a huge challenge for me to portrait. I’ve been collecting materials for her for almost 2 years, and wanted to make this costume to the best to my abilities.

I drafted & made a custom corset to create the extreme shape and then made the dress to fit over it. I engineered 2 Victoria’s Secret Miraculous bras into the corset, which is steel boned coutil. The extreme illusion is created by pulling in the waist, padding the top and wearing a booty bump hahaha. No photoshop, although even with my final measurements of 41-23-39 it’s still not Jessica Rabbit’s accurate measurements. Hers are probably indeed humanly impossible.

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