Hotel Guest Shares How You Can Find Cash In Hotel Bibles


Of all the things I think about finding in a hotel room, almost none of them are good – and certainly, I had no idea that money should be on the list.

Apparently, though, if you’re hard up for cash you should always check the Bible in your hotel room nightstand.

People are talking about it since TikToker Carl Nassib (@carlnassib) went through the Bible in his room and shook loose a couple of $20 bills.

“I saw this thing on TikTok but basically when you’re at a hotel there’s like money in the Bibles. So I’m going through like five dollars whatever, twenty dollars better, but there’s like so much. Look at all this.”

The rumor that cash is often stashed in Bibles has been around since before social media. In 2009, Perpetual Motion covered the reason behind it, which is that evangelical Christians plant money there to encourage people to thumb through a Bible.

I guess their thinking is that some people just need an extra push to pick up a book, which…fair.

“This is a rumor which I heard from an Intercontinental Hotels Group exec last week. The story goes that Christian evangelicals put money into hotel Bibles in the hope that people will open and look through the Bible in the hope of finding the money. If there is no more money there, well the rumor had the effect that the person has opened the Bible and looked through it, and maybe they will read part of it. If the money is there, then they have given someone a gift.”

Another thought, outlined in this Reddit post, is that people who have a little extra figure that anyone reading a hotel room Bible might need it, and so leave it for someone in their time of need.

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