How AI helps to Transcribe Audio to Text 


Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence process by the computer system. The processes include learning, reasoning as well as self-correction which enable them to perform human-like tasks. Most of the modern AI examples utilize deep learning and natural language processing which facilitates computers to accomplish different tasks through processing huge amounts of data as well as recognize patterns in the data.

Though, AI began in the mid-1950s it has only gained prominence over the last decade due to advances in data volumes, algorithms as well as in computing storage and power.  One of the areas AI has been integrated successfully is transcription. Audext is one of the most advanced transcription tools. It is particularly helpful in interview transcription for journalists, press conferences, and podcasts.

Besides, students can successfully use it in transcribing lecture notes, voice memos as well as voice recordings on phones. It is also popular in the medical field particularly for psychologists during assessment sessions with patients. You can do all this without having to download software thus saving you a lot of hustles.


How AI helps Journalists


  1. a) Fast and Seamless transcription

Audio to text converter online Audext offers a fast and seamless audio text to conversion. For one, it is over 200 times faster than manual transcription due to the state of the art AI technology. The faster speeds also ensure it is more cost-effective as compared to manual transcription. It is also more reliable than manual audio to text transcription, which ordinarily took a lot of time adding to the costs.

Besides, Audext allows for proofreading to check the accuracy of texts on the website where each word is tied up to the audio moment. Further, it provides editing speed control where journalists can conveniently choose the speed for the playback. It also has speaker identification capabilities and is therefore vital for podcasts and interviews. Journalists can therefore easily meet deadlines.


  1. b) Sociological interviews for qualitative research

Interviews are vital in social research as it provides more direct interaction with the respondents as compared to questionnaires. The interviews can be carried out through the phone, social media, video link as well as face to face. Audext is therefore significantly vital for researchers. For one, it allows researchers to effectively concentrate on the interview process while not worrying about noting down the response.

The fast transcription speed saves valuable time and money as researchers can conveniently collect data and analyze data. It also allows you enough time to concentrate on other critical areas of the research. You can also search through hours of recording, verify as well as correct them freely with transcribing for researchers.


Recording Minutes

Audext can also be effectively used in recording meeting minutes, it consequently facilitates better concentration for all the participants on the agendas of meetings as no one has to worry about writing down the important parts. Besides the transcription of board meetings, status meetings among other meetings involving an important decision about an entity, provide useful texts for future references.


Recording Conference Calls 

Audext can also effectively transcribe conference calls easily and seamlessly allowing for greater attention to the details on the calls. This allows for easier review of information for both those who were in the call as well as anyone who may have missed out. Consequently, those who missed out get all the information.

It also facilitates easier reviews as you can easily search keywords and read the sections you feel are most relevant for you. This significantly reduces instances of future disagreement or conflict as any misunderstandings regarding the calls can be easily sorted out by a quick review. The ease of use also saves a lot of time and money.


Social Media Boosting

Audext transcriptions service also help content marketer conveniently get tweetable quotes as well as. Consequently, this enables brands to easily build social presence by the creation of insightful social media posts as tweetable quotes effectively and within a short time. This can go a long way in boosting social media presence. While transcribing audio to text traditionally took ages, advances in technology particularly artificial intelligence have made it possible to convert files in only a few minutes. Audext utilizes AI effectively in enhancing transcription speeds while also lowering costs.

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