How Can I Be a Famous Instagram Gamer in 2020


Video Games have never failed to be a big part of mainstream internet culture. And as Instagram continued to grow, so did the branches of different content and Instagram communities. Gaming was just one of them.

Even though platforms like YouTube and Twitch have completely taken over the gaming industry – Instagram is no stranger to it either. 

In this blog, we would like to show you how to form a loyal and fun gaming community on Instagram. 

These tips and tricks are used by big gaming names like Ninja. Who says that you too can’t make a name for yourself out there?

After all, Instagram is infamous for their non-official, “it could be anyone” slogan. 

So, without any further ado…


Find Your Style

As with any other Instagram industry, finding your unique style is the first step. Some gamers like to play all the hottest new games and make series reviewing them.

Others stick to one franchise or genre. Like Pewdiepie did in the early 2010s by mostly playing horror video games like Silent Hill and Amnesia. 

This selective approach will help you gain rep around your specific niche. You could potentially be known as “that RPG dude” or “the lore guy”

Many video game content creators like to stick to one game. Especially when the game’s lore is long and complex, like in World of Warcraft or Skyrim. 

A little bit of targeting really goes a long way.


Keep the Content Coming

Ever since Instagram introduced IGTV, many creators have used this amazing feature for longer video content. And since gaming is usually displayed in a video-like fashion – this handy feature will help boost your profile.

Screen recording your playthrough and commentary, then posting it on IGTV is a really good practice. IGTV is interest-based, so best believe your video will be greeted in front of the best set of viewers. It’s one of the best ways to be discovered

Speaking of which, let’s talk about hashtags. In better words, very specific hashtags. It’s best to use those that directly relate to the game you’re playing. Chances are fans of that specific game are browsing through related content. They just might bump into you!


Tag Game Creators and Gaming Companies

Whenever you are posting about a specific game, it’s always a good idea to tag the company that created it. The folks over at Ubisoft for example, have a lot of followers that might like your content too.

As for gaming equipment or even your setup, always remember to tag the company you purchased it from. There’s a chance they will repost your photo or video, which exposes your account to many new faces within the gaming community.

Since there is so much relatability interest-wise, the exposure could really benefit your account. Many people wonder how to be verified on instagram – and this is one way to do it!

The bigger the audience, the bigger the chance for Instagram to actually accept your request and verify your account!


Engage With Fellow Gamers

Good practice in every online community is to make more friends with your Instagram peers and others within your industry.

Both of you would gain exposure from each other’s audiences. Plus, trends like Instagram collaborations would be a whole new opportunity for your account. 

Additionally, leave a few comments under your favorite creator’s posts. Especially when they have talked or played a game you just finished or are interested to play! 



Consistency is one of the most important parts of making it big. You have to be consistent with your content, activity and always be on top when it comes to originality. 

Whether you want to be original in your commentary or editing style, it’s definitely something you will eventually be praised for. Be the blueprint! 

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