How Creepy Is This Picture Of Jokers United !

both jokers in one photo


Heath Ledger did an epic and unforgettable performance as the Joker which can not be forgotten in the near future and jack was just marvelous in any role he steps into Especially his take of Joker in the batman series, Both men had a unique and maniacal take on the comic book character — a master supervillain with a warped sense of humor and an unnerving level of intelligence to pull off his deadly pranks.

A few years ago, company Hot Toys created an eerily realistic figure of both Nicholson and Ledger’s Jokers — impeccably detailed right down to the skin texture, facial expressions, advanced articulation, and awesome array of props and interchangeable features. Gaunted Photography is behind the photo, which pairs both Jokers together for a chilling photo opportunity, “If I worked for Warner Bros. I would put out this image in teaser-poster form just to watch heads explode,” said a fan who did a little unsolicited editing of the image on his Tumblr.

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