How Do You Keep Your Wedding Dress Clean in Pictures?

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There are few opportunities in which a woman can make use of a great dress, with tail and so on. If it is not to walk on a red carpet, then most likely it will be at her wedding. However, there is one thing that is almost inevitable, and that is that the dress gets dirty at the wedding. Even at weddings that are indoor halls, there is dirt and dust that adheres to the dress. But there are several ways in which you can diminish the dirt of a wedding dress at a wedding, thus allowing your wedding photographer to stand out with the photos of your dress.

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Wearing the Dress 

Presumably, the first choice brides use to put on their wedding dress is the bathroom. However, this is one of the least recommended options and we explain why. First of all, the doors can be very narrow and could make contact with the dress and dirty it. There may also be water wells on the floor that can cause your dress to stain. It is best to place a sheet on the floor where you can stand to put on the dress with the help of your family or friends.

 You don’t have to be totally naked when you get dressed, you can wear a white blouse and shorts that can be easily removed once you’ve put on the dress. With the help of your friends, you will be able to put on the dress without any problem. Once you have it on, ask one of your friends to hold it so you can take off your blouse and another friend to go underneath to take off your shorts. 

Now it’s time for your shoes, but before you put on your heels, put on some sneakers. This will prevent you from dirtying your shoes unnecessarily, in addition, the Wure wedding photographer can take advantage to make captures in different environments after all the shoes are almost never seen in the photos.


Let Them Live! 

Insects love white dresses.  White reflects light and looks a lot like moth and flame.  Therefore, small insects will occasionally want to get close to you, but whatever they do, don’t kill them.  We don’t want the insect guts to break into the fabric of the dress. So shake the dress, blow or just don’t worry about it unless it looks like it’s crawling close to your skin. 

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 Protect the Dress 

As you walk through the gardens or approach a beautiful flowering shrub that will be the backdrop to your portrait, you’ll want to protect your dress from shrubs and other obstacles.  The first and most important way to protect the dress is to take the sides of the dress and pull them up and around you so that only the bottom of the tail and dress are exposed to nearby dirt.  You should always walk this way throughout the entire session, except when you stop at the next session’s location. And never drop the dress until the photographer and your friend are ready to help you and make sure you don’t touch anything near shrubs or flowers.  It will probably take you and a friend to do this, as it is more than likely that your friend will wear the dress from behind wrapping it around you, you will take the front and pull it up to keep it clean. We don’t really care about the crinoline because it’s easy to clean and no one will see it anyway.


Adjust the Dress for the Shot 

This is a bit delicate and requires the practice of a wedding photographer who knows what he is doing, but an expert photographer knows how to sponge the dress so that it floats down where only the bottom is touching the floor. Once again no one is going to see the bottom of your dress and unless it is wet most of the dirt will not stick to the dress as long as there is no friction.  Therefore, you should not move while the photographer is adjusting the dress. Depending on the material of the dress he can float the dress himself or in other cases he will use our adorable maids (mom or friend) to help him float the dress. In most cases, they count to three and float up and hold it until the end.

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What About Rain? 

The few reasons why a bridal portrait is reprogrammed are rain, strong winds, or if it has rained earlier in the day or with a lot of force the previous days, where the ground is still very wet.  You have to be very careful. First, instead of putting the dress directly on the floor, place the sheet first and then put one under the dress slowly so that it is not seen in the shot. If you have a thin material it may not work leaving the dress bumpy. But if possible, reschedule a better day.  You spent a lot of money on the portrait and want it to be the portrait you dreamed of and moving it to a closed place may seem like a good idea at the time, but it may leave you a little unsatisfied later. That said, if the makeup and hairstyle are already paid for and there is no other option, you can use one from the indoor session for the reception, then ask your photographer to take some more on the wedding day so you can take some of you with that great dress outdoors.

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Beware Of Flowers 

This can be applied to the portrait of the bride as well as to the day of the wedding.  There are two dangers with that beautiful bouquet of yours. The first is water. You’ll probably have it in a vase of water to keep it fresh. Don’t forget to dry the stems before holding the bouquet above the investment you just made.  And second, watch out for stamens. Most florists remember to take them off. There are many brides who make their own bouquets for the portrait, so if you’re one of them you won’t want to forget to remove them. 

These are some of the general recommendations to keep your dress as clean as possible and look impeccable in the photographs. If you can ask your maid of honor or mom to help you throughout the wedding event, it will be much better. Enjoy your big moment wearing your impeccable dress.

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