How Does A Drink Become A Fashion Icon?

Sometimes it is difficult to explain how a piece of clothing makes it into the mainstream fashion world. That task becomes even harder when it’s an alcoholic drink that has inspired the style, as is the case with Jack Daniel’s.

The rise of Tennessee whiskey company in the clothing world has been quite phenomenal and has seemingly come out of nowhere. Now you’ll find it difficult to walk down the street without spotting a piece of whiskey-inspired clothing.

The most popular type of Jack Daniel’s style you are likely to come across is probably the traditional t-shirt, although other growing trends are vest tops and even long-sleeved shirts that are popping up in high street retailers as well as alternative shops. The question is why one drink, in particular, has managed to break into the fashion marketplace while so many others fail. Can we simply put it down to good marketing and designs or is there a deeper reason behind our love for Jack Daniel’s clothing?

Does Iconic Design Combined With A Famous Brand Result In Fashion Success?

The only thing that can really explain the success of Jack Daniel’s fashion in the volume it has seen recently is the pure fame of the brand itself prior to its foray into the clothing world. You have to congratulate the team at JD for having the intelligence to capitalize on the power of their brand as well as having the guts to make their move into the competitive fashion market.

There would have been no guarantee of success but the bravery shown combined with the restraint they have demonstrated when it comes to sticking with plain and simple designs is clearly paying dividends – and you can tell they have been successful just by seeing how many people are sporting their latest styles when you walk down the high street.

The simple designs that Jack Daniel’s have chosen to stick with over the years have been ideal for many alternative fashion styles, while the fact they can be combined with almost any other piece of clothing seems to have really given them the edge when it comes to making an impact in the fashion world. Nobody would doubt the success of the brand in the whiskey market and although it’s not the biggest selling liquor it seems they have discovered the right formula to transfer their success away from the drink itself and expand their revenue streams.

Other Brands Have Been Left Trailing Behind Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniels T Shirt

Smirnoff, often named as the largest alcohol drink brand in the world, is just one of several companies that are sure to be cursing the success of Jack Daniel’s clothing and wondering why they are not seeing the same amount of success with their nightlife clothing line.

The simple fact of the matter is Jack Daniel’s has really hit the ground running and it is likely to be extremely hard for brands left behind to catch up, especially when the clothing is continuing to outsell more mainstream pieces of alternative fashion such as traditional style t-shirts and even lumberjack shirts. The plaudits have to go to the Tennessee company for seeing a gap in the market and grabbing the proverbial fashion bull by the horns – the question is will anyone ever be able to replicate their success?

Passionate about alternative fashion, Laura Watson loves analyzing the growing trends in the less mainstream style cultures.

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