How Famous Brands Got Their Names

Wendy was the nickname of founder Dave Thomas’ Daughter Melinda.

Ever wonder how these huge multi-national companies which are huge these days how they end up with these Company names and made them household names. Kids can identify these logos more then their family members. well here is a round up of some companies and now you will know how they end up with these names !

Named after founder Sam Walton.

From voice, Data, Telefone.[box] From voice, Data, Telefone.

Combination of Veritas (Latin for ‘Truth’) and Horizon.



Named after Starbuck, a character in Herman Melville’s Novel Moby-Dick.

 When Richard Branson was starting a business, one of the girls suggested: ‘What about virgin? We’re complete virgins at business.’

The word Volkswagen means ‘People’s Car’ in German.

You Will love to see these aswell

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