Goodman and the Beatles

How Goodman and the Beatles rocked the music industry

How Goodman and the Beatles rocked the music industry through its different era’s

In the twentieth century, every music band that came up successfully had its own style with strong and rebellious music that people either danced to or just liked listening to as forms of entertainment. At the beginning of the century, Ragtime music was very popular. Moving on to the period after world war one, the Jazz age came in and poured its way all throughout the twenties like a dream come true until it came to a reality check when the market crashed in 1929.

Listeners then sought different types of beats and that’s when musicians like Duke Ellington, Jimmie Lunceford and Chick Webb were followed by Tommy Dorsey, Woody Herman and Benny Goodman.

Benny Goodman was later titled the ‘King of Swing’ because his band defined the entire era. In the 1940s, rhythm and blues became more popular and were developed by the blacks for the blacks. By about 1955, this type of music became popular amongst all ethnic races. Then came the rock and roll kind of music made popular by Elvis Presley and the Beatles followed by many other bands who had their own touch to the kind of music they played. Once rock and roll moved out, rap and hip hop music came into being more recently.

Benny Goodman was one of those musicians who failed at first and then succeeded. In 1934, he was talked into leading a recording group where he achieved very limited success. But within a year or so he had come up with a permanent band which had the charm to generate a lot of excitement amongst its fans and was also able to grab a spot on a national radio show. Goodman was a leader who required perfection and for that he demanded long working hours from his team. These rehearsals helped the band learn the exact musical technique while at the same time, allowing those doing solo performances to express their individual talents. With such training, not only did his band swing like crazy, they also cleanly attacked the audience with perfect intonation.

The Beatles band were a team of four teenagers who were just sitting their O Level Exams while going all over town in search of new and old gig items that they could find. It took the band six years to become famous. Due to the fact that they were so young and not matured and responsible enough, a lot of issues came up that prevented them from succeeding. But their team spirit kept them from giving up. All of them had a gut feeling that one day something good was going to come out of this effort. In the year 1962, they became so famous in Liverpool that they had to disguise themselves if they wanted to go out unnoticed. Once they released their second single in early 1963, they became nationally famous. By 1964, the band was internationally famous by producing hits after hits. Today, the group is nearly 40 years old but they are still going strong and seem to be forever young.

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