How Marvel Made Samuel L. Jackson 25 Years Younger in Captain Marvel

Samuel L. Jackson

The spaceships and aliens and photon blasts are all good. But the most impressive special effect in Captain Marvel is Nick Fury.

The Fury of Captain Marvel is a good 25-30 years younger than Jackson in real life, which meant the VFX team had their work cut out for them. Not only did they have to shave decades off his face in around 800(!) shots while dodging uncanny valley area, they had to match our own memories of what Jackson looked like in the mid-’90s.

And they pulled it off, perfectly. The work is both drastic and subtle: Jackson is noticeably younger, but the de-aging VFX is so severe and spot on that someone who’d never seen Jackson before would think the look was completely natural. Now that’s a conversion worthy of a superhero movie.

Captain Marvel is available on digital starting May 28 and will hit Blu-ray on June 11.

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