How Moving Cars Are Faked in Movies Explained in New Video

How Moving Cars Are Faked in Movies

Watch this interesting new video by Movies Insider that explores the SFX work of NAC Effects that are used to produce realistic moving vehicle scenes for movies and TV.

For those of you not familiar with how this is done, the team uses a programmable gimbal that mimics the motion of a car, boat, train, motorcycle, or any other form of transportation. It’s pretty cool! That gimbal can be programmed to learn the movements of a vehicle and then recreate it to match up the scene.

Sometimes, it’s safer for productions to fake vehicles’ movements for stunts rather than put them in real action. So special effects artists will use rigs and gimbals to make them move in place. NAC Effects will put a given vehicle or set on top of one of its six-axis motion bases capable of creating realistic movements of all sorts.

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