How One Man Discovered a Dumpster Full of Artwork Worth Millions

Dumpster Full of Artwork Worth Millions

They say one person’s junk is another person’s gold. For Connecticut skateboarder and mechanic Jared Whipple, who uncovered stacks of artwork in a dumpster, that saying may become literal.

In 2017, Whipple’s friend asked him to help clear out a 40-year-old abandoned barn. There he discovered a 40-yard dumpster stacked front to back with expressionist paintings. After a lot of searching, Whipple found one with the artist’s name and started a research endeavor that would span the next 5 years. The trash-turned-treasure belonged to Francis Hines, an obscure artist most famous for his “15 minutes of fame” in 1980 after “wrapping” New York City’s Washington Square Arch in fabric.

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