How ‘The Godfather’ Has Changed The Film Industry

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It is not entirely all that surprising that Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film ‘The Godfather’ has made its way onto just about every list of films that you simply have to see; proving time and time again that it will maintain an iconic film. The timeless 1972 fictional story of a New York crime family has managed to enchant fans from across the globe so much that it has entered American filmmaking mythology. It could be agreed that every aspect of the movie is a filmmaking lesson that has taken the film industry by storm. 


Sympathetic Relation

One of the main reasons this film has managed to capture the world is likely the fact that Cappola’s script provides such an in-depth insight into the lives of the characters in such a way that we are able to relate to each character in a most sympathetic way. While it is unlikely we would be able to feel the same emotional connection to these characters in real-life, in the film, their stories are so encapsulating that they become your stories.

The Godfather

Dedicated Production

According to Film Oracle, Coppola was on the brink of a nervous breakdown during the film’s production as he was concerned that he may be fired. This suggests the immense passion and dedication that likely fuelled the greatness behind the iconic and timeless film. The incredible performances of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino were directly the result of Coppola’s constant negotiations with Paramount studio, which may be quite surprising. Had he not had so much faith in these actors, the film might not have entered into the extreme success that it did. 

Coppola’s unwavering belief in their abilities was rewarded with two of the most iconic roles in the seventies. However, the roles of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino are not the only memorable performances, considering Diane Keaton, John Cazale, James Caan, Robert Duvall, and several others brought their best to table during the production of ‘The Godfather.’

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Cinematography And Legendary Music

Beyond the incredible performances of the cast, the choice to give life to the story as a periodic masterpiece was crucial to the films ultimate success. The incredibly impressive attention to finer details in combination with the legendary music of Nino Rota and the amazing cinematography of Gordan Willis essentially ties together the aspects of the film that together had an undeniable impact on the film industry.



Educating The Industry

There is no doubting that ‘The Godfather’ has made its mark as a historical curiosity, considering the immense praise it has received over time. The classic film has been influential in filmmaking education and it is also one of the reasons the world of entertainment has become most mesmerizing and magical. The creation of the film has left an impression on the film industry as the various aspects that came together to immortalize the story will be praised by generations to come. Each and every detail that went into the production of this classic are what makes it such an iconic masterpiece.

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