How The “Man Of Steel” Shaves

Henry Cavill bearded and shaved

The legit personal problem we are discussing here well I didn’t think that before but ok I can discuss even this when the guys are MAN OF STEEL are determined to use all aspects of supermans life as promotional content. Remember when Lex Luthor cut Superman’s hair with a pair of bolt cutters? The hair was supporting 1,000 pounds, technically that hair shouldn’t have even been able to be cut with bolt cutters.

But HEY ! why stop there? there are more hair problems which can be discussed here! hmmm ready?

Gillette has teamed up with Warner Bros. to ask a very important question: “How Does The Man of Steel Shave?” On HowDoesHeShave, you can watch and vote on theories from Bill Nye, Kevin Smith, Mayim Bialik, and the Mythbusters. Check out all the videos after the break, and let us know how you think Superman shaves.

The method that has been shown most often is Superman using either a mirror or a piece of Kryptonian metal to reflect his heat vision onto his face, effectively burning the hair off.

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