How the Squid Game Has Impacted The Betting Market in the Philippines

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To an ordinary movie fan on the street, Squid Game may not ring a bell, but to a Nexflix fan, this is the talk of the town. It is one of the most talked-about television series right now, having attracted a huge viewership to an extent that Netflix has described it as the most successful foreign show.

Squid game is a popular Korean Show that started showing on Netflix in late September 2021. It quickly hit and became the number one show on Netflix; fans are eagerly waiting for more seasons. The series is about a group of 456 people who have varied problems including financial troubles. They get into a competition where they engage in dangerous games of chance and skill where they are after a large win of cash.

Anyone who has watched Battle Royale and the Hunger Games will draw a similarity with this Korean series. Fans are glued to their screen watching the nine episodes of season one; they are available on Netflix. Reading comments on social media, one cannot fail to discover that this is a nice show as many confess to watching it several times. The popularity of the show in the Philippines is not just shown by the number of people who have watched the TV series, it is also seen on the street; a replica of the doll in the show was part of the exhibition on Ortigas Street in Quezon Street upon the launch of the Squid Game.

squid game

How it has impacted online betting in the Philippines

The Netflix series is not just entertaining the TV shows fans, it is also impacting the betting market. Evelyn Balyton agrees that Squid Game has had a huge impact on online betting Philippines. Those who have not watched the popular TV show may not connect how this has happened. No wonder, those who have watched are busy bashing those who have watched. The number of memes appearing on social media is not just confusing, non TV shows are left wondering what this is all about.

The impact of Squid Game Netflix as commentators have it is all starting with the mention of the Philippines gambling in Episode 2 of the TV series. In one of the scenes where Jang Deok-su is involved, it is explained that he acquired massive debts due to his gambling habits in the Philippines. For those who have not watched the Squid Game Netflix, Jang Deok-su , who is also referred to as player 101 is the main antagonist, a character that many who have watched the TV series love to hate.

He is a Filipino gangster living in South Korea. He took part in the Il Nam Oh’s Squid Game so that he can get money to pay off the debts. First, the fact that the actor is depicting Filipino attracts the viewers and also betting fans. Secondly, the fact that the Philippines betting space is mentioned in a TV series that has taken the world by storm would have everyone interested. The Episode may not be depicting the betting site Philippines in good light but one can argue that any publicity is good. It does not matter whether it is good or bad.

The antagonist may have accumulated debts from the Philippines betting space but the industry has been mentioned in a show that has gone viral. The task now falls on the best betting sites Philippines to prove to the world that when done responsibly, it is helpful to the punters.


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The Philippines connection with Squid Game explained

The director of the TV show Hwang Dong Hyuk is also quoted saying that he had an experience of visiting the Pearl of the Orient, the gaming place that is featured in the Episode and he lost some money.

The director also says that the motivation for mentioning the Philippines is also inspired by the recent events which involved some Korean personalities who are frequent visitors to the Philippines’ gambling space.


Responsible gambling

For online betting Philippines, Squid Game should not be just an entertainment piece; it should be a wake-up call. Why should this be the case and what should be done?

  • Betting has been depicted in a bad light as it has been portrayed as an activity where people lose money.
  • The ball now falls on the best online betting sites Philippines; they have to encourage responsible betting.
  • They have to show people the other side of betting.

Best betting sites Philippines should take that task honorably, they can learn from bookmakers who have included responsible gambling tips in their websites. These sites have also put some measures that ensure players do not spend more than they have budgeted. Some of these tools limit the number of deposits as well as the frequency of funding the account.

They also restrict change of limits where the player is required to wait for at least one or two days before the new limits become active. With such measures chances of losing money as depicted in the show are minimal. It is not all gloomy for the gambling scene; Squid Game betting is also one of the markets that the best betting sites Philippines are offering its players.

The bookmakers are riding on the popularity of the show to prove to the world that betting can be done responsibly and one does not have to get into financial difficulties as depicted in the TV show. There is a positive side of online betting, all that is required is discipline and acting responsibly.

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