How To Avoid Scams While Getting Runescape Gold


RuneScape is one of the greatest and engaging MMOs right now and it will be available on Steam soon to get some new gaming blood into the game. It is one of the best MMO games available on the market today. It’s so much entertaining to play, gamers still love getting some tips and fast ways to get gold and have more fun in the game. So, the best way to do this rather than grinding and farming for countless hours to get RuneScape gold is just easy to buy rs3 gold.

However, purchasing RuneScape gold comes with a level of risk and you need to be certain that you’re doing a secure purchase. So, read on to discover more about how not to get cheated when you’re buying yourself some RuneScape gold with these helpful suggestions.


Do Not Give Out Your Personal Information

First and most important is to never give out your personal information and your RuneScape account to the merchant you’re using it to buy. This is a tremendous red flag and it would indicate that this seller scams players for their money. When you purchase something online, it’s done through specialized software that does not save your information after the purchase is completed.

It might seem normal for someone to ask for the same details you’ve just written on the website, but it’s a tremendous red flag. So, if a seller asks for your email address, account details, phone number, credit card number, address you reside, and some other personal information, then you might not do business with this merchant because it is highly likely a scam.


Find Yourself a Safe Seller

It’s always good in life to do some research and find a good gold-selling seller or a platform that has a good reputation. You can find this out by reading online reviews and game forums, which is always a good start. You need to be sure that the website you use for Runescape gold is secured, has good customer service reviews, secure payment options, certified security measures for customers, and excellent feedback from other gamers.

Once you find a service that covers all of the mentioned above, you can rest guaranteed that your gold-buying requirements will be met safely. You can play the game you really love without any problems with your money and account security.


Get in Touch With Live 24/7 Customer Reps

You need to put your focus on all your conversation with live 24/7 customer reps which are available online. You should always avoid talking to someone in-game that tells you what to do and how to conduct the transaction. For the sake of your security and to understand how reliable the order/transaction is, you should get all the details you need from the gold-selling services customer support.

If someone in-game is guiding you what to do or directing you for confirmation on your buying by telling him/her your order ID, then this is a most certainly a scam and you should withdraw doing any business with such scammers.


Verify the Trader’s In-Game Name

You need to pay close attention to the seller’s in-game name because some cheaters tend to use the same name as those of genuine traders. These people would try to entice you in with special bonuses and gold if you trade the gold you got back for “security reasons” and they will sound very helpful and legit so don’t fall into that trap.

Do not all that because genuine gold-selling traders would never ask for your gold back of security concerns. The scammers would sound very impressive and reliable, enticing people in with more gold offers for your time. This is a massive red flag because websites don’t give extra gold to customers unless it’s said on their research before getting into business with anyone.


Turn Off Your Private and Public Chat

It’s important to turn off your chats both private and public before the gold gets transferred to you. To guarantee your safety and to evade getting attracted by any scammers, you should keep it shut for at least half an hour after the trade occurs in the game. You shouldn’t talk to anyone or reveal that you are going to buy some gold.

This is only to guarantee that you evade getting scammed, but it keeps your game account safe from getting banned by Jagex too. Always remember to move from the trading spot where you got your gold and do not reveal to anyone about the transaction.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing in-game gold. But some of the players just don’t want to do constant and tedious gold farming methods that take a lot of time in your life. The work needed to get told might be too much for some of the players.

So just to go out and get gold instead is a reasonable option for a lot of RuneScape players that just want to play the game as a whole and not just become a gold miner and make that a full-time job. But keep in mind that even though it’s your choice to get gold if you want, you should always do it with care and safety.

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