How To Be Safe At Your Home While Watching Horror Movies


Horror movies are not everybody’s cup of tea. This is a topic in which people’s opinions are totally divided. Actually, they go from one to another extreme, from really loving it to really hate it. There is no middle, for sure.

While watching horror movies, people are out of their comfort zone and they are feeling unsafe. Something that seemed normal and not scary before, can be terrifying after the movie. But, as we know, fear has big eyes, so make sure that you have done everything to feel safe while watching this type of movie.

However, everybody has watched at least one horror movie in their life. Let’s see why they are so popular and how to be safe at home while watching them.


Why are horror movies so popular?

Not to lie, horror movies are challenging for everyone. Either for those who are scared to the bone or for those who are frightened but in love with that feeling. Why is that so?

Well, these movies bring us into unexpected situations, probably that we will not experience in a real life. While watching them, our body is stressed out, so the brain detects that we are in a dangerous situation. In fact, we are in “fight-or-flight” mode. Adrenaline rises, our muscles are ready to run from the scary object and after the end of the movie, body and mind are relieved and even joyful.

It is like an adrenaline ride that speeds up our heart beets. We are feeling more alive after it. If you want to experience all those feelings, here are some best horror movies to watch. Before you click to choose one of them, please read the next paragraph to make sure that you’re safe at your home while watching it.


What can you do to feel safe?

One of the most important things while watching horror movies is to be in a safe environment. Make sure that you’re comfortable and ready for that adventure. Here are the top 3 things to do before watching horrors.

  1. Secure your home

Maybe this seems like a colloquial thing that we all know, but it turned out not to be. We even forget to lock up our doors sometimes, so it’s important to have a security system for our own good.

Here are some types of security systems that might be interesting and helpful to feel safe while watching horror movies:

  • Wifi security system

This is one of the best systems. It is suitable for smart homes and easy to manage. The wifi security system can work without the internet and installation is cheap. 

  • Monitored system for alarms

This system is monitored by a professional security company. If something is suspicious, this company will check and give you a fast response.

  • Nonmonitored system for alarms

The difference between this and the monitored system is that this one is not monitored by professionals, but it is very economical.

  1. Share fear

Everything is easier when you share it with someone. Call friends or your partner and organize a movie night. Their presence will remind you of reality. Maybe some of them will be braver and will laugh at some scenes, so watching will be more chill and you’ll feel safer.

  1. Prepare yourself mentally

Have a conversation with yourself before you start watching a horror movie. You can logically think about all of the scary things in that movie and explain them to yourself showing that they are not real.


Few tricks for more comfortable watching of horror movies

When you make sure that you did everything to make you safe while watching horror movies, here are some tricks to make that experience more comfortable:

  • Turn on the lights

In the dark everything is suspicious and our imagination is wild. When you can see that things around you are normal, you can be more chill and watch the film with less tension.

  • Look up bloopers and spoilers

When you know what to expect from the movie, it is easier to prepare for it. Also, when you see bloopers of a scary scene it will not be that scary anymore.

As we can see horror movies are not for everyone’s heart. For those who are easier to scare, it is so important to provide a feeling of security. Choose the proper security system for your home, a good partner to watch with, and spice up all with popcorns. Have a good time and be safe!

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