How to Become a CEO in Next-Gen GTA Online

CEO in Next-Gen GTA Online

Check out the new era of Grand Theft Auto, as Rockstar Games resume along with the world-renowned franchise. After delays pushed back the first release date, GTA 5 and GTA Online’s next-gen versions are here now.

Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 gamers will have the opportunity to experience GTA like never before with some crisp and realistic graphics. The next-gen games are available as individual downloads, and can also be bought as a package.

GTA Online next-gen will certainly be packed with exciting lobbies for players to get in and enjoy the thrilling action. Rising through the criminal ranks will be essential, Check out this guide on how to become a CEO in GTA Online next-gen.

There are many things to enjoy and love in GTA Online next-gen, from gambling at the Casino and Race Track to hunting down players for bounty goals, the furious city of Los Santos has it all. Players will want to get their hands on all the most useful weapons and the quickest car available in GTA Online to take out their opponents and conquer the streets.

Gamers can also start Businesses and Organizations to increase their street credentials and assets. And become VIPs and CEOs will unlock some significant perks in GTA Online next-gen, letting players reign high over opponents.

In order to register as a CEO, players will first need to do some heavy fund-raising. The starting fees will run between $1,000,000 – $4,000,000 as CEO status is secured for loyal players.


GTA Online Criminal Organization CEO

Once adequate funds have been collected in GTA Online next-gen, open the cellphone in and connect to the Internet. Scroll over and select the Dynasty 8 Executive website.

Browse through the Executive Office selections and discover the one that suits your gameplay best. The choices from Dynasty 8 Executive are as follows:

  • Maze Bank West – $1,000,000
  • Arcadius Business Center – $2,250,000
  • Lombank West – $3,100,000
  • Maze Bank Tower – $4,000,000

When buying the office, there will be customization options to help you make everything to your liking. Select between building appearances, assistants, safes, gun lockers, and even living lodgings. Some of these choices can be quite expensive, but the odds are if you’re becoming a CEO in GTA Online, cash isn’t a problem.

GTA Online next-gen CEO perks

After the office has been bought, open the Interaction Menu, select SecuroServ, then head down and click Register as a CEO. The work is now accomplished and you’re ready to start loving the perks of your new status in GTA Online next-gen.

VIPs get some valuable perks like being able to buy ammo/drugs/armor whenever, get bodyguards, bribe the police to stop chasing, take-off members from the minimap, and more. CEOs get all the VIP perks, and then some. Here’s what’s available as a Criminal Organization CEO in GTA Online next-gen:

  • Launch VIP Missions
  • Recruit Associates
  • Request CEO Vehicles
  • Purchase Warehouses to hold “Special Cargo”
  • Purchased properties come with an exclusive vehicle
  • Map of Los Santos with Warehouses marked

CEO status is permanent, no matter of being Wasted by an opponent or the cops. Players will keep their CEO title unless they quit from their position through the same SecuroServ menu.

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