How to Buy a Jewelry With Big Stone?


If you planned to purchase a piece of jewelry with a large stone, we will help you to solve whether it is worth purchasing an artificial diamond, moissanite in a specific case, cubic zirconia or to begin to save money for a natural stone it is difficult to understand razer this is a diamond or moissanite engagement rings.

In the last decades in the world market of production of stones technologies of artificial cultivation of gemstones and their analogs actively develop. The high price of natural diamonds is connected, first of all, with their properties, such as phenomenal hardness, a magnificent capability to refract, and return light, providing a sparkling and a game of the faceted diamond. It is even difficult for an expert of a jewelry store or pawnshop to distinguish modern artificial diamonds of high quality from natural, it in power only to masters of jewelry workshops. Moissanite is a jewelry stone that on the properties doesn’t yield to diamond, forever brilliant moissanite engagement rings they say. Index of refraction of moissanite 2,97 whereas at diamond it constitutes 2,42. It means that it will sparkle 25% stronger, than diamond. Moissanite shine at its best in combination with rose gold, so rose gold moissanite engagement rings look just fabulous.

History of wedding rings – One decision for two hearts.

As a sign of love and fidelity newlyweds exchange wedding rings. It is some kind of ritual which has come to us from time immemorial. And wedding rings – ornament isn’t simple, and the embodiment of hopes for the creation of strong matrimony which will last “eternally”, hearts of two darlings and the people loving each other won’t cease to fight yet. Emerald cut moissanite engagement rings – carry without removing that such feelings of spouses as love, fidelity, devotion couldn’t cool down.

How long there were wedding gold rings

Before wedding rings have been allocated in a separate category, they had to pass a difficult and thorny road from charms, symbols of the power and jewelry. Historical chronicles haven’t informed us of concrete dates of emergence of gold wedding rings and rings in general. In different countries, there are assumptions and legends. In one of Old Indian exposes of the 11th century B.C. it is for the first time mentioned rings. The ring was a distinctive sign, the owner’s brand. During the later period, it passes into the section of symbols of power. If the imperial ring passed to the son, it meant that a choice of the successor is made.

About 5 thousand years ago, presumably, rings have appeared in Ancient Egypt. Made of gold, they intended only for the rich and wealthy people. The process of production of gold rings in workshops was long and labor-consuming. The others carried ringlets more simply: clay, iron, stone, leather, wooden, and even simply weaved out of reed or hemp. The ring played a major role in the symbol defining the social status of the nobility in Ancient Rome. Only senators of classical antiquity received the honor to carry gold rings, and there were emerald cut moissanite engagement rings too.

The ring relating to the XIII century is stored in the Nuremberg museum. Ordinary unpretentious trihedral ringlet. On inside an inscription: “In me – fidelity”… Beautifully,  Poetically, Touchingly.

Peace of History – Rings in Ancient Russia.

Slightly open a veil of mysteries of the emergence of rings in Russian ancient chronicles. Members of the Russian Freemasonry, at the beginning of their revival, decorated fingers with pig-iron signets with the image of the Death’s head hawk and two crossed bones which were not simple jewelry too, and symbolized belonging to a secret society (or to the secrets existing in Masonic organizations). In times preceding the reign of Peter I, rings were favorite jewelry of ruling circles. Monarchical persons of Ancient Russia, since times of reign of Ivan the Terrible, decorated with rings and rings all fingers of hands. The logical line is very simple: what has more burdened fingers by rings with stones, especially the monarchic burden was heavy, with that he was famous and their owner was richer. The ring on a thumb of the regal person designated his absolute autocracy.

Did you know why wedding rings are rounded?

The etymology of the word “ring” is interesting. In old Slavic writing the word “Coca” from which there is “ring” designated a circle (wheel). Even Ukrainian fairy tale hero Kolobok – no other than a circle, according to mythology – an embodiment of the Moon and to its “course on the sky arch”. Russia is also rich in myths and beliefs, legends, and historical assumptions. Circles of the most different look were used by our ancestors as charms. Was considering that if to tie on hair or a wrist of darling a small knot, then he убережёт the person from troubles and evil forces. Also was considered that the evil spirit can’t overcome the line of a circle. Because of a circle – the universal symbol meaning integrity and continuity, perfection, infinity, and eternity.

Before to expiate the newborn child, in water lowered a ringlet from silver, driving away thus from the kid any diseases. And when put the baby to bed, hid a ringlet under his small pillow. Was considering that if the pregnant woman carries a wedding ring without removing all term of pregnancy, then childbirth will take place quickly and easily. And if you want to return to a family of the left husband, it is necessary to look at him through a wedding ring.

Wedding rings with engraving and gemstones – a very special gift.

Standard wedding rings have the keg form. Last century they were decorated only with an engraving on an internal surface. It became in workshops to order. Usually, on a ring of the bride the name of the groom, and on the groom’s ring – the name of the bride was engraved by fine calligraphic handwriting. Young couples, having dressed once wedding rings, don’t remove their all life, considering that rings are keepers of strong family happiness.

In medieval times there are engravings with inscriptions, promises to love each other is eternal in various poetic interpretations. Approximately during the same period in the jewelry of rings begin to use precious and semiprecious stones in the form of cameos (a convex relief of ornament), gems (stones with the cut-out image), entails. In workshops talented masters and artists whose names have left together with an era work. The Middle Ages alter a form of rings, introduce amendments in fashionable directions. Jewelry in the form of gemstones and diamonds – a prerogative of the rich and noblemen. Began to use diamonds as decoration of wedding rings in Italy where before the signet ring reckoned with the image of a family crest, monogram or monogram as a wedding ring.

Did you thank of what hand to carry a wedding ring on?

In different countries, different people and religions in this respect have various opinions. At the orthodox people carrying a ring on the right hand is accepted. Right – correctly it is, however, right. And if everything is so correct and right, it means and it is more reliable. This principle is disproved by adherents of Catholic belief. Their logic too quite is credible. The left hand is closer to the heart. This means the wedding ring needs to be carried on the left hand. However, carrying a ring on a certain hand not always depends on religion and belonging to this or that religion. The huge role in the choice is played also by national traditions. Spain, for example, – the Catholic country, but for carrying a wedding ring – the right hand. Opinions of the people and religions are similar in one – it is necessary to carry a ring on a ring finger. Why anonymous? On this question the answer by Plutarch, the Ancient Greek writer has been given many centuries ago. In the historical information, he narrates that when opening a human body (which happened according to customs of Egypt) the thinnest nerve which was going straight to the heart has been found. Also, there was this nerve from a ring finger. Therefore, he has deserved such respect.

Wedding ring – a privileged symbol

Several millennia ago to future spouse dressed an iron ring. It symbolized physical force and will power. And future wife – a gold ringlet. Combination of purity, tenderness, and purity. A bit later, according to recommendations of the church, the men’s ring became gold and women’s it was made of silver or iron. Such changes by a male dominant position in a family were treated. Obedience to the husband belonged to the duties of the wife, so and the ringlet for her was incorporated more simply. Over time sides of superiority were erased, have lost the relevance, and rings, and the groom and the bride began to choose from the same metal or alloy, mainly gold.

Modern gold wedding rings

The Revolution of 1917 brought with itself many changes in the habitual ways of life of residents of Russia. There is a categorical denial of the church. There were REGISTRY OFFICES. The sacrament of weddings was postponed from church temples to these public institutions. Weddings were always followed by various ceremonies, many of which are lost presently. But exchange newly married rings remained. Presently it is possible to be lost in a variety of styles and the directions, lines, and forms of wedding rings. An incredibly wide choice is provided in Moscow. In the center of the capital, there are workshops in which hereditary goldsmiths work. Production of gold rings is to order still demanded, as well as many centuries ago.

Many wealthy newlyweds choose wedding rings with diamonds. In fashion also rings with other precious and semiprecious stones: pearls, ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, and many others. In workshops inlay rings, with nephrite, agate, a cornelian, a jasper. Most often choose gold from metals. Don’t ignore palladium, silver, and platinum. These metals, as before, symbolize purity and purity, and also are a manifestation of endless love, tender and good feelings of lovers. From this time moissanite engagement rings, forever brilliant moissanite engagement rings, rose gold moissanite engagement rings, and emerald cut moissanite engagement rings become very famous.

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