How To Catch A Level 10 Salamence On The First Island in POKEMON SUN And MOON


If you want to catch a level 10 Salamence on the first island on Pokemon Sun and Moon! It’s not at all easy and requires a lot of patience, but it is not impossible. If you want to catch one there is a detailed video before.Below you will find out the step by step guide.

  • Complete your first item trial against the Totem Gumshoe
  • Progress game to second island and complete Malo’s trial
  • Get adrenaline orb from Poke Mart
  • *Optional* get a Pokemon with the move “False Swipe” as it makes things easier
  • Head over to Route 3 on MeleMele island
  • Go down the wooden bridge and head right into a patch of grass
  • Keep walking around in grass until you encounter Bagon. Bagon has a 1% encounter chance in this area so be patient!

Once you find one you use false swipe and wait for it to use the mechanic where it calls for help and another Pokemon comes to its aid. The chance of a Salamence showing up is very low as well so you’ll have to keep burning turns and defeating Bagon’s until it finally shows up!

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