How To Check Instagram Stories Without Alerting The Users

Instagram Stories

Don’t take screenshots when you are creeping on your friends’ Instagram Stories is making changes to its app – and it will now notify the user if someone has screengrabbed their Stories.

If you take a screenshot of a story now, Instagram now snitches on you by placing a star-shaped icon next to your name and the user will know what you did.

Here is how this looks like:

Instagram is warning users that their screenshotting habits are no longer private with the following message.

Instagram will only alert you to this change once – so in case you missed it, now you know to think twice before screenshotting Stories.

Here is the example of the warning:

Instead of all the changes, it is worth noting that there are still some ways to screenshot Stories without getting caught.

As pointed out by users on Twitter, setting your phone in flight mode when you are about to take a screengrab, won’t trigger Instagram’s warnings; the other method is to download stories from the Instagram website. Alternatively, you can also resort to Story Reposter to pull off the same trick.

There is another way to check out stories and download the photos and videos from it, without anyone noticing, check out this website.

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