How to Do Voiceovers Like a Pro? A Complete Guide


If you are an online content creator or a video expert, who wants to convey information and educate content to their visitors, you will definitely need voiceovers for them all. The ‘How To’ and other explainer videos more often need voiceovers for adding clarity of explanation to the content.

Recording self-voice and adding it to the video might seem complex and, at times, uncomfortable for some. But, there is nothing to stress about, as it is time you need to emphasize mastering it. It is the basic effort that you will have to put in order to attract the audience’s attention.

In this guide, you will know about the detailed attributes of how you can do voiceovers for your videos, just like a pro. Even though you are a beginner in this field, you will still get an ample amount of knowledge to commence with your video voiceovers.


Definition of Voiceovers

Before you can go ahead and check on the steps that you have to acquire for professionally infusing the right voiceover strategies, it is important to understand the definition of it. Voiceover recording is a process where a person is speaking or narrating the content without being seen on the post-production video.

Voiceovers are often done for describing, explaining, highlighting, or elaborating upon the embedded concepts or ideas within the video content. Your voiceover will be based on the video niche. There are two types of voiceovers that include narration and non-narration.

Narration voiceovers are basically the type where the person is recording his/her voice for explaining the content running over the video to describe its course of action. It is more like telling a story to help the audience understand the moral or conclusion.

The non-narration voiceovers are known to be implemented upon the informational, educational, and instructional videos more often. Narration is specified mostly for entertainment videos, whereas non-narration is mostly for more informative content.


Understand the Importance of Voiceovers for your Video

The beginners have a dilemma about giving less priority to the audio part within a video. It is important for you to give strong emphasis upon the video part, but missing out on refining the audio might result in degrading the overall quality of your content.

As per the surveys across the world of video content, the audience will most likely drop the idea of enjoying a video if it has poor or inaudible audio. The percentage of people leaving the video for poor audio quality is higher than that of poor video quality. Therefore, it is important for you to put up a British voiceover to add clarity to the description and information that you wish to convey through the video.

If your audio is recorded in a slow pitch, without a microphone, then it is evident that your targeted audience will start to lose interest in your content. Video adds visual appeal to your content, but at most times, audio is something that makes people understand the concepts.


Important Elements for Perfect Voice Overs

The next aspect that you need to understand for mastering the art of recording voiceovers are the four crucial elements that together derive quality for voiceovers. The elements include:

  1. Clarity and Volume

Voice clarity and comfortable volume or pitch are important for making the audio perfect for adding to a video. The last thing you would expect is to distract the audience with a hazy, slow, and distorting voice of yours. Without clarity, your audience will be deprived of the message that you wanted to convey.

Similarly, if the volume of your audio is low, or you have recorded the video in a very low pitch, your audience will find it difficult to hear and understand. Just like that, if your audio is too loud, there is a risk of distortion, which is, again, not good for the video’s reputation and viewer counts.

Pick the right audio level that is neither too loud nor too low for your voiceover recording needs. In case you need help, take assistance from professionals for your initial project.

  1. Inflection & Vocal Tone

A perfect vocal tone and inflection intend to ensure your natural speaking tone with a pleasant narration. Your tone within the audio should approach friendly and must be truly engaging with the targeted audience. But, you need to keep in mind that you should not sound too pleasant to be fake.

This element is to guide you about not being a robot while narrating or recording voiceovers for your video, as it would bore you. You should avoid monotony and try to put up an interactive tone in your voiceover throughout the video. But, in the pursuit of achieving vocal tone and inflection, you should not sound like a host for a gaming show.

  1. Right Terms of Pacing

Understanding the right terms of pacing is yet another complex aspect of recording British voiceover. If you are too fast with your narration or voiceover, people will reject the moral of your video content. If you are too slow, people will most likely get bored of your content. Hence, this is known to be the right pacing.

The best voice overs reflect a natural pace. And for attaining that, you might have to prepare a script and do constant practice before you go ahead and record. With an ample amount of practice, you will be able to speak without rushing or slowing down.

  1. Perfect Pronunciation

Perfect pronunciation is the life of a voiceover! You need to do some practice as a beginner to practice the right pronunciation of all complex words within your script. You need to be aware of the regional accent and refine the pronunciations that are influenced due to it.

You do not need to be a professional voiceover artist, but you need to keep in mind to speak naturally and try the best means possible for keeping the pronunciations clear. If you want to get an idea of how things are done, get in touch with a professional voiceover expert.

This is the guide that is important for you to consider for adding perfection to your videos. You need to make sure that you follow these guidelines and practice more to perfect the recording sessions. If you need more help, take the help of professional voiceover artists for a clear idea.

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