How To Eject Water From an iPhone Using a Siri Shortcut

How To Eject Water From an iPhone

Understanding the process of removing water from an iPhone may seem unusual, considering the device’s IP68 water and dust resistance rating. However, there are instances when water droplets and moisture can accumulate in small crevices, such as the phone’s speakers, after being exposed to liquid.

The presence of water in these areas can impede the ability to hear incoming calls or receive notification alerts on your iPhone. Fortunately, Apple’s Shortcuts app offers a solution in the form of the Water Eject shortcut.

By generating a sound that causes the iPhone’s speakers to vibrate, the Water Eject shortcut effectively prompts the phone to shake vigorously, expelling any trapped water in the process. This convenient solution only requires the Shortcuts app, which comes preinstalled on most current iPhone models. In the event that it is not available on your device, you can easily download Shortcuts from the App Store. It is compatible with any device running iOS 12 or a more recent version.

Once you have the Shortcuts app installed, configuring the Water Eject shortcut to remove water from your iPhone is a straightforward process.


How to eject water from an iPhone using a Siri Shortcut

1. On your iPhone’s browser, go to Shortcuts Gallery and get the Water Eject shortcut by tapping Get Shortcut, followed by Add Shortcut on the subsequent screen.

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2. Shortcuts will launch and the Water Eject shortcut will join the other shortcuts you’ve got stored in the app.

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From here, you can activate the shortcut in one of three ways.


The most obvious way to activate the Water Eject shortcut is to use the Shortcuts app.

1. Open the Shortcut app and tap the Water Eject shortcut. From the menu that appears, tap Begin Water Ejection.

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2. A tone will play for roughly 15 seconds. At the end, a pop-up message will appear alerting you that the water has been expelled from your speaker.

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If you’d prefer to save yourself the trouble of launching Shortcuts and finding the Water Eject shortcut, you can also activate the shortcut with the sound of your voice.

1. Assuming you’ve set up Hey Siri on your iPhone, simply say, “Hey Siri, water eject,” and Apple’s digital assistant will bring up the Water Eject menu. Tap Begin Water Ejection to proceed.



You can also put the Water Eject shortcut on your home screen for easy access, assuming you’re the sort of person who drops their phone in water a lot.

1. Tap the line of three buttons in the Water Eject shortcut’s upper right corner; on the subsequent screen tap the three horizontal bars.

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2. Under the Details tab, select Add to Home Screen, and then confirm by tapping Add on the next screen

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3. The Water Eject shortcut will now appear as an icon on your home screen. You can edit your iPhone home screen to move the shortcut wherever you want.

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