How to Get Event Tickets the Lazy Way and At the Best Possible Value

How to Get Event Tickets the Lazy Way and At the Best Possible Value

These days it seems more widespread than ever before that artists want to be able to showcase their artistry through organized events. You can find many events to choose from that you could attend. These events range from sports events, music events, comedy events, art events and so on.

Below are some pointers on how you can acquire event tickets, the lazy way as well as manage to get great tickets at the best possible value.

  1. Join or follow the artist(s) social media or online fan club

This is a great way to get tickets to your favorite event the fast and easy way. Maybe even the cheapest way, free. Music bands and artists usually have a social media presence or an online fan club where they update everything that they are up to.

If you have access to the artists event planning and therefore event tickets, you could easily get the early scoop and either purchase or bid for their event tickets. Generally, tickets sold through fan clubs or social media promotions, cost much less than the ticket value at the event gate.

  1. Search online for free passwords and pre-sale codes

Most artists also like to keep their events interesting by creating an event around the main event. It is common to find a treasure hunt or some sort of promotion code or password that you can find or win in order to get a reduced price for the main ticket event.

  1. Listen out for FM radio promotions that may offer pre-sale tickets for the show

As part of pre-sale promotions, event organizers usually promote ticket sales through radio shows. In order to get those coveted tickets to your favorite event, listen to the popular radio stations that are likely to host event organizers for the events.

For example, if you anticipate getting ticket sales to a rock event, you should most likely get to hear a pre-sale promotion of the event at a local rock radio station.

  1. Look for and join the event promoter, theatre and venue fan clubs or social media links to get pre-sale tickets

Another way to get quick access to ticket sales is to join or follow the event promoter, venue websites or social media presence. You are likely to get event tickets quite cheaply resulting from a promotion through either of these sources.

  1. Look for tickets after the event has sold out

You can also get the tickets after the event has sold out. Granted these tickets may not be the cheapest, the expense might not matter to you if you missed on tickets during the normal promotional and sales period.

A quick source would be to check out ticket brokers or by getting them from auction sites like

With the pointers above, you will surely find the best possible tickets to your favorite event. On another note, you can also check most iconic moments in sports through our guide in order to plan for the next great event that you need to attend.


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