How to Get Really Good at Pet Photography

Pet Photography

Do you love taking pictures of your pets but have a hard time getting that perfect photograph? Taking great pictures of your pets can be difficult as you can’t always control them throughout the entire process. Pet photography takes a lot of patience and skill to get that doggy-glam shot.

If you love taking pictures of your fur pals but need a few pointers on how to do so, then you’ll want to continue reading below. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to capture some amazing photos and moments of your pets!


Bring in a Helper

Before you even begin to attempt to take these photos, call in the help of a friend first. You only have two hands, which you’ll most likely need to angle the camera correctly and take the shot.

A second pair of helping hands is great for distracting your pets while you take the photos, and for feeding them treats to keep them in the same spot. Be sure to enlist a helper with who your pets are familiar, however, as this will help them be more comfortable.


Turn the Flash Off

The flash can be a wonderful tool when taking pictures of ourselves, other people, and objects in the right conditions. When taking pictures of your pets though, be sure to turn the flash off.

Find other ways to enhance the lighting in the room instead. The flash setting for some pets might be a bit scary for them in an already uncomfortable situation. Aside from this, the flash can also cause a red-eye effect on your pets, but instead, it’s green.


Get Down to Their Level

If you take a picture of your pup or other pet from your eye level, then you don’t get to really see them or see how they see the world. Consider getting down on their level instead and making them appear larger than life.

Get down to your pet’s eye level and begin taking some shots this way. It’s always interesting to see the world how they see it, and it’ll make for better pictures as well. Imagine what a picture of you would like from 5-6 feet above compared to one at eye level.


Make Them Comfortable

The very last tip to ensure you follow is to make them feel comfortable. The more comfortable you can make your pet feel, the more comfortable they’ll be taking the pictures and the better shots you’ll get!

Consider providing them with some of their favorite toys, french bulldog clothes, or bedding if you’re taking photos outside of the home. You can also consider playing with them for a while before taking the pictures, which will weed out some of their energy and help them feel comfortable.


Learn the Best Pet Photography Tips Today!

The best pet photography shoot is one that uses these pet photography tips listed above! With the help of these tips, you’ll learn how to photograph pets and become a professional pet photographer in no time!

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