How To Get The Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom’s Best Shield Early In The Game

How To Get Tears Of The Kingdom’s Best Shield

In the early hours of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, acquiring a reliable shield can be quite challenging. While the game focuses on teaching players how to enhance their shields by fusing items for added utility, the options for shields that can withstand numerous hits are disappointingly limited. Fortunately, there is a way to swiftly obtain Link’s iconic Hylian Shield in the latest Switch installment. As the old man in the original game once said, “It’s dangerous to go alone, so take this handy guide that will show you exactly where to go.”

To embark on this quest for the legendary shield, you must first navigate through the initial tutorial and return to the vast land of Hyrule. This journey alone will consume approximately two hours of your gameplay time. However, fear not, for once you resurface from Link’s ethereal expedition to the sky, acquiring his signature shield becomes a relatively brief detour. All you need to do is make your way to the docks located beneath the towering Hyrule Castle.

These docks, shrouded in mystery, hold the key to your shield-wielding success. With a combination of cunning and courage, you’ll find yourself at the doorstep of the long-awaited Hylian Shield. As you stand on the precipice of history, gazing at the shimmering waters that caress the castle’s foundations, a sense of anticipation courses through your veins. It’s a moment that embodies the essence of adventure, reminding you that heroes are born from humble beginnings and that even the mightiest of weapons have their origins in the unlikeliest of places.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, you set forth on your quest to claim the Hylian Shield, a symbol of resilience and an embodiment of the hero’s spirit. Remember, brave warrior, that your path will be fraught with challenges and perils, but with unwavering determination and the aid of this guide, victory shall be within your grasp. May the winds of destiny carry you to the coveted shores where the shield awaits, ready to be embraced by the worthy hands of the hero.

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To optimize your early morning strategy, it is highly recommended to prioritize completing several story missions. Begin by meeting Purah at Central Square, where she will require your assistance in establishing the Skyview Tower. This crucial task will reward you with the paraglider, an invaluable tool for reaching various destinations within Hyrule. Not only will this aid you in obtaining the Hylian Shield, but it will also significantly enhance your overall travel capabilities throughout the vast expanse of Hyrule.

Once you have gratefully received the paraglider from Purah, equip yourself with a reliable bow and arrows and venture towards Hyrule Castle itself. Fear not, for you need not delve into the ominous, cursed realm of the castle at this point, sparing you from confronting endgame-level adversaries. Instead, skillfully navigate around the castle until you arrive at its northern perimeter. There are two viable routes to accomplish this feat: you may opt to ascend the rocky formations flanking the castle grounds or boldly traverse through the castle’s interior.

Upon successfully reaching the northern side, carefully descend to the lower depths beneath the floating castle, where a peculiar opening reminiscent of a bygone era, once designated for boats, awaits your discovery. Here lies the Hyrule Castle docks, concealed amidst a perilous atmosphere rife with formidable enemies and corruption. As an early explorer, it would be prudent to exercise caution and circumvent the more treacherous areas. Fortunately, you need not venture too deeply to procure the coveted Hylian Shield.

By employing these strategic maneuvers and heeding the advice provided, you can efficiently progress through your early morning endeavors, surmounting challenges while securing the legendary Hylian Shield.

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As you arrive at the bustling docks, your gaze is drawn to a magnificent staircase stretching upward, leading to a higher level adorned with a captivating sight—a brazier encircled by an ensemble of flickering torches. Instinctively, your hand reaches for your trusty bow, and with unwavering precision, you align an arrow’s trajectory through the fiery core of one of the torches. With a resounding twang, your arrow finds its mark, piercing the heart of the brazier.

As if touched by the divine, the floor beneath you rumbles gently, revealing a concealed treasure chest ascending from the depths. A sense of anticipation fills the air as you approach the chest, eagerly prying it open. Behold! Resting within is the legendary Hylian Shield, an emblem of Link’s enduring legacy. Its essence resonates with a resolute defense, boasting a formidable base stat of 90—the highest among all shields in the game.

However, unlike the indomitable Master Sword, the Hylian Shield carries a vulnerability that lingers beneath its steadfast facade. With enough relentless assaults, even this paragon of protection may succumb to the relentless forces of Tears of the Kingdom’s weapon degradation. In the vast realm of Breath of the Wild, the shattered remnants of a broken Hylian Shield could be replaced with a newly minted counterpart, procured from a humble vendor’s store. As we embark on an ongoing quest to uncover the means of obtaining a fresh Hylian Shield in Tears of the Kingdom, rest assured that we shall update this guide when our findings bear fruit.

Nevertheless, should you seek to equip yourself with the quintessential instrument of defense, tailored to meet your blocking and parrying needs, fear not. The acquisition of the Hylian Shield presents itself as a relatively expedient and straightforward endeavor, even if you find yourself at the nascent stages of your remarkable odyssey across the storied lands of Hyrule.

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