How to Have a Successful First Date at the Cinema


The cinema is a popular choice for the first date. But if you want a date to go well, then entertainment shouldn’t be the main goal. The main reason for the first date is the desire to get to know a girl in order to decide if she is worth the second meeting. The process of dating is, in fact, a selection process that will help you find someone special. So, this date is your chance. 

Close, but without dialogue

You will spend two hours together. You are close to each other, but all goes without words! In any case, the lack of communication will not help you get to know a girl with whom you meet better. With the same success, you can go to the library and read books on one couch. Without dialogue and exchange of thoughts and opinions, you will not be able to get to know a person with whom you are on a date. You can’t determine whether she is the same or, conversely, doesn’t match you. Thus, it makes sense to find out a woman as soon as possible. Why spend a month or two on a date to make sure that you don’t like a person you choose. The decision must be made on the first date if possible.

How to turn an ordinary date into a good one?

You can’t know if a girl is worth your attention after watching some movie together. All you can find out is what kind of popcorn she likes.

  1.   You have to start a date before entering the cinema and continue it after. Only thus a film can help you in the process of acquaintance. You can choose any film, it’s not so critical, the only thing, in our opinion, you can choose such films that bring some emotions. For example, it can be horror movies as it is emotionally. And also you can take a girl by the hand and say that you are afraid. It’s funny.
  2.   During a film, you don’t have to talk. A girl will not hear anything, but everyone will be nervous about this. So, this is even a plus for those who don’t like to talk. Non-verbal communication will be strengthened, as we already said, you can take a hand of a girl, saying that you are scared or a girl can lie on your shoulder or you can do the same. That is, the situation is excellent for touching.
  3.   Before the beginning of a film, you can assess the behavior of a girl, paying attention to how the selection of a film passes. Is she ready to compromise? She respects your choice or laughs at it. If she chooses a film against your desire to watch something else, ask her why she thinks this film is interesting and suitable. Here are the first thoughts on her respect for you and her tastes in the entertainment field.
  4.   Discuss a film. After a movie, you immediately have themes for communicating with a girl: you can discuss actors, a movie itself, the way you were afraid and other things. Therefore, it is desirable to walk or go to a cafe to have a cup of tea after watching a film. Discuss what you liked or didn’t like in a movie. In fact, the answers don’t matter. The idea is that you get acquainted with the opinions, beliefs, and views of a girl that can help you decide if you want to spend the rest of the day with this person. This is excellent, as this will change the situation and help get closer even more. By the way, a movie is also good because you spend a half or two hours together with a girl and it promotes trust between you.
  5.   Test her. After a walk or a get-together at a cafe, you can feel whether a girl is ready to go to you or not. And if she reacts positively to everything, then you can go with her to you. It often happens that after a movie, girls stay with their men. Also, it’s okay that your girl goes to you in a couple of days and not almost immediately after a date in the cinema. This is even better.


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