How to Make a Perfect Photo Essay

 Photo Essay

Essay writing helps evaluate or analyze a student’s performance in college. However, while some students find it challenging and tiresome, other students tend to enjoy it. It is indeed fundamental that students are well equipped with the proficient essay writing skills. The reliance of students on custom essay writing companies for assistance does not help them learn how to write their essay. Some students forward their articles without going through them to find out what made it difficult for them to write it in the first place. Secondly, some students seek assistance from some essay writing companies which are not genuine. Most of them end up being duped or being given poorly written articles which eventually comes to affect their grades. To grow and develop as a professional essay writer, you need to practice writing essays continuously. Do not rely on your professor to give you a topic to write about. Select a topic which you are familiar with and one which does not seem too challenging for you to handle. This will help you know how to write any type of essay as you progress.

What is a photo essay?

Different types of essays are written for different purposes. For instance, a persuasive paper is written to persuade or convince the audience. As a college student, your professor may ask you to create a photo essay. At first, you might ask yourself what a photo essay is. A photo essay is a type of article which conveys information through images. Unlike other types of articles, a photo essay does not attempt to express thoughts and ideas through writing but instead, shifts the focus through the mages. While the pictures convey the message, the writing in the essay supports it. Even though the photographs portray the message, when writing a photo essay, it is fundamental you note that what you write about ought to portray the details which cannot be easily depicted through a mere glance of the photo.

Tips on how to make a good photo essay

Writing a photo essay may seem challenging to some students as they try to understand what an image is communicating. To create a perfect photo essay, writers from PerfectEssay recommend you consider the following tips:

  • Choose a subject. Choosing a subject or a theme will help you come up with a topic for your essay. Choose something which inspires you. Whatever may seem interesting to you might also be interesting to others. Having a subject will enable you to think of how you can take photos and present it to your audience.
  • Consider your audience. Ask yourself who will be reading your article. The audience is vital in essay writing. Considering your audience will enable you to choose a subject to work on and take photos which will seem appealing to your audience. It will also help you to present your paper in a format which is easily accessible to target your audience.
  • Determine your purpose of writing the essay. Identifying the objective of writing the article will allow you to use your pictures to communicate the message.
  • Select an approach. Having an approach or a plan enables you to understand the kind of pictures you need to have in your article. It allows you to look for specific shots to meet the objectives of your essay. The approach can either be thematic or narrative; a thematic approach shows a big picture idea and gives examples while a narrative approach conveys the message from the beginning to the end.
  • Research your subject. Gather as much information as possible about your subject. This will help you understand your subject much better and prepare you on how to take photos.
  • Create an outline. After you have your subject, you can roughly sketch out what pictures you will need to create your article. Many essays need an assortment of images to showcase the various features or characteristics of the topic.
  • Take photos. Take as many pictures as possible. This is because you may capture some images poorly and you will be unable to use them in your paper. Take your photos from different angles and ensure you get as many photos as you need to choose from.
  • Use a slideshow program. This will help you to arrange or sort out your images in a manner that readily communicates the message.
  • Caption your images. Add a caption to your pictures as it will help enlighten your audience what your essay is about.
  • Ask for feedback. You can ask a friend to look at your work and give you their feedback. This will help you know if you have met the objective of your paper.


In conclusion, creating a perfect photo essay is not as similar to writing any other type of article. A photo essay seeks to convey information through the pictures as the written essay seeks to support it while in any other kind of essay, the thoughts and ideas are portrayed in the written article itself. The above tips can come in handy if you want to create the perfect photo essay.


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