How To Make A Statement When Wearing A Ring


From the Pharaohs of Egypt to the modern gentleman, men have worn rings to signal association, commitment, and wealth. If you’re considering to wear one purely for style, but you don’t have the know-how of the finer points of ring etiquette, then, there’s no need to worry as this article will guide you on how to make a statement when wearing your ring.


Rings are manly things

In today’s fashion, men’s jewelry is now becoming an essential thing. Rings, in particular, can boost your character and provide a glimpse of your personality; without even opening your mouth. While most men wear traditional metals such as gold and silver, other metals like stainless steel, titanium, and platinum are now also gaining a lot of popularity.


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Here are some ring wearing tips for you to consider:

  1. Be confident and unique

It can be easy to choose a ring with the most bling, but are you confident enough to wear it? If you’re a man of style, you should be wearing your jewelry with absolute confidence. Go for a ring that suits your lifestyle, yet fills your cravings for elegance. It’s essential that you choose a ring that matches and complements your outfits. Be confident with your new look and spend your days and nights in style.


  1. Consider hand shape

Your hand’s shape, width, and length are important factors to consider when wearing a ring. This can help you choose the ring that complements your hands. If you have large hands and long fingers, wearing bold rings will be best for you, as wider rings complement length. For men with short fingers, it’s best to wear narrow-width bands to help create an illusion of length.


  1. Be comfortable

If you want to make a statement out of your ring, you need to be comfortable wearing it first. It’s essential that the weight and size of the band do not interfere with your well-being. An oversized or undersized ring will interfere with most things you do with your hands, such as shaking hands, writing, and typing.


  1. Keep it minimal

When it comes to rings, less is often more, and even a subtle one can make a huge statement. It’s not a good idea to overload your fingers with rings that can overpower the clothes and the other jewelry you’re wearing. It’s essential to find the right balance when wearing a ring. If you’re wearing a wedding band on your left hand, you should consider balancing it by wearing the other ring on the opposite index or ring finger. A basic rule to follow is not to overcrowd one hand with a bunch of rings, bracelets, and a watch while leaving the other hands-free.


  1. Match it with your skin tone

Wearing the right metal for your skin tone can be the difference between a good and a bad looking ring. White metal bands are an excellent choice for men with a cool skin tone and purple or blue colored veins. If you have a warm skin tone with green colored veins, you should consider wearing brass, rose gold, or yellow gold rings. It’s also essential to have that balance of something that complements your skin tone and something that makes you feel confident.


  1. Match it with the occasion

In order for you to look your best on every occasion, it’s essential to match your jewelry to each one. For example, if you’re attending a friend’s funeral, you should avoid wearing eye-catching rings. Instead, wear a subtle and simple one to make your style look more respectful.


  1. Know the left vs. right rule

Wearing your ring either on the left or right hand can speak something about you. Different cultures will have different rules. If you’re a married man in America, you’ll be wearing your wedding band on your left ring finger, while Eastern Orthodox men wear theirs on the right ring finger. Knowing the left vs. right rule can define the difference between a statement ring and a wedding ring.


Closing thoughts

Whether you want to signal power or association, wearing the right ring can help you make your statement with just a flash of your finger. With people noticing the rings you wear, you should also be careful about the messages you’re sending in various situations such as trips abroad, conservative business settings, and interviews; as casual observers will have their own understanding of what it means.

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