How to Make the Super Hot N’ Spicy Burger From BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS


We are excited to share a fascinating video from Babish Culinary, featuring chef Alvin Zhou as he prepares a real-life version of the super hot n’ spicy burger from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This burger is not for the faint of heart, as it appears to be overwhelmingly spicy! Even for those who love spicy food, this burger might be too much to handle. However, the attention to detail in the presentation of the burger is impressive, with the skull design on the bun adding a nice touch.

In the video, Alvin Zhou meticulously recreates the recipe from the show, including the signature spicy sauce and the unique toppings that make this burger so special. He provides detailed instructions on how to prepare each component of the dish, from the bun to the meat patty and beyond. Watching him assemble the burger is a feast for the eyes, as the colors and textures of the various ingredients come together in a mouth-watering display.

While this burger might be too hot to handle for some, it’s still fascinating to see how a fictional food item can be turned into a real-life culinary creation. The level of skill and creativity demonstrated by chef Alvin Zhou in this video is truly impressive. Whether you’re a fan of Naruto or just a lover of all things spicy, this video is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of cooking.

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