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With the ever-increasing popularity of found footage movies it is becoming far more possible to realize your dream of making a movie. Look at the success of Paranormal Activity, a film which cost only $15,000 to make ended up grossing $108m and has gone on to become the most profitable film of all time.

Since the release of paranormal activity, studios have gone crazy for found footage films, there have been numerous releases in the following years and some have even been publicly funded. An Australian horror film called ‘The Tunnel’ was funded by the makers sending off printed slides from the movie to people who donated $1, they only ended up raising around 60% of what they wanted to so decided to use public areas to film the movie, they used storm drains, sewers and disused swimming pools. The film was a fantastic success and got a limited cinema release, DVD release, and the makers also released the film for free on Bit Torrent (the first time this has been done) and simply asked for donations in return if people liked the film.

Now, on to making your own found footage movie. Whether you are looking to make a horror film or a documentary the first thing you need to do is get a script together, the script is key! It not only contains the dialogue but the instruction on how the characters are, where the scene should be set, and how it should be acted. Once you have completed your script you can then move on to casting the main characters and scouting for locations, public locations are best as it keeps the cost of your film down but are aware of featuring members of the public in it without their expressed permission.

To film the movie you will need a good quality camera, CCTV cameras are really good for extra shots around the place as well, they can be set up in convenient locations and as long as you buy IR cameras they will be good in the dark as well (in the case of a horror film). The CCTV cameras then all need plugging into a DVR recorder which will record what is going on on the cameras and write the data either to a DVD or a mass storage device depending on what you prefer.

Once the filming has been completed and recorded the last step is to edit the movie and put it together on your computer, download some movie making software as Windows Live Movie Maker isn’t good for this kind of thing. Once the film has been recorded and edited the final thing you need to do is write them to discs to either send off to studios or your friends. There are plenty of online companies that specialize in cheap DVD duplication so this will be easy to do. The most important part of the whole process however is to have fun, so enjoy!


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