How to Organize the Best Educational Puppet Shows for Your Kids

Puppet Shows

Before the online world of entertainment for kids, including rhymes, animation, and games, came a time when shows were organized in homes, including interactive plays, singing sessions, energetic puppet demonstrations, etc. Puppet shows were popular a few years ago. They were trendy spectacles to include in kids’ birthday parties and gatherings. Not to mention they were a source of pure fun for kids. These illustrations use different kinds of characters and their actions played an important role in the emotional and social development of children.

Still, it’s not too late to start introducing puppets to your technology-influenced children and help them engage in quality interactive and growth time again. That said, the trends have changed a little. Now, there are more realistic and onlydinosaurs inspired themed puppets replacing wobbly eyes and string attachments.

So if you’re looking into getting your kids into this entertaining activity that is also educational, ensure to prepare endlessly so that the kids can have the best time and end up enjoying the show more than their screen ones:


Let the Imagination Run Wild

In order to get the best ideas that will suit your little ones’ imagination and entertainment needs, you need to brainstorm the craziest ideas. With prevalent trends like dinosaur puppets and robotic figures, you can create fun shows that would entice your children as they are similar to the shows they see on screens. Come up with great storylines that are enticing through and through to not have a dull moment with their low attention spans and produce stories with useful lessons.


Choose an Interactive Story

Selecting puppets with children’s preferences like Only Dinosaurs is the easy part; creating the story is the challenging area. If your story is interactive and helps the kids communicate, it can be an added development trick and more fun for the kids. Hence create stories that have some end lesson and meaning, the puppet communicates with the audience, the story is short yet has a high level of action, has an ending that children will love, and so on.

Remember that the story should be clear to the kids from the get going and keeps them tuned in throughout. This can be done by either narrating the story yourself or having the puppet tell it clearly. Even if you don’t have some elaborate and space and aliens-related stories, simple enactments done by puppets like dancing and singing, living a normal day as a child, or displaying a job in the real world can be good enough for education and entertainment.


Bring in Several Emotions

A good puppet show must be a collective of emotions and illustrations that help your children learn and develop their own. Helping kids learn how to engage in different emotions and produce productive emotional conversations is one of the several benefits that puppet shows provide.

So it’s best that you use this opportunity to the fullest and help your kids learn about various emotions and social cues that they aren’t yet aware of, for example, envy. These lessons can greatly help kids dwell well in social gatherings and excel in building their self-confidence and intelligence. For this, use your puppet illustrations as a means to introduce and clarify the making of different expressions and responses with social interactions.


Setup Stage

Even before you plan the storyline and add emotional lessons in them to teach children, ensure that your show will receive a wide audience. This can be done by setting up a fancy and attractive stage. A puppet stage can be easily built with some wood, curtains, and paint.

Create such a setup that will entice your little ones and ignite their interest in the play before it is illustrated. For getting them excited and anticipating the whole thing, you can create the stage a day before and set it upright in the middle of the living room. Display the name of the show and the actors in it, even if puppet dinosaurs.



After you have set up your stage, another thing to make the event more interesting is adding decorations. As children (and adults) are easily tempted by visuals, it’s best to add extra decorative frills to the stage and the puppets. With the Only Dinosaurs puppets, you won’t have to do much as they are enough to lure in kids on their own.

However, if you’re creating puppets with yarn or cotton at home, ensure that they look adorable and attractive to the kids. Make them wear beautiful clothing and accessories. Have them wear clothing that says educational phrases like “be nice”, respect others”, etc. according to the story.


Allow the Kids to Handle the Show

After your kids get an understanding of how a puppet show works and its organization, you can let them organize a whole show. This will help them become independent as they take on organizing entire shows on their own. It will also teach them to become organized and structured with their daily chores and responsibilities.

Giving them authority will help them become confident in speaking and narrating to an audience and use the skill to further practice in school activities and competitions. Above all else, it’ll be a lot more fun for them as they use their imagination and get to create stories that fill them up with happiness and endings that satisfy them.


Turn a Favorite Story into a Puppet Show

With recurring puppet shows, you can use the children’s favorite stories in plays that they watch on TV or tablets for fun. Whether an Only Dinosaurs story or a Disney princess, you can recreate performances that would entertain the kids greatly. However, it’s not mandatory to follow the storyline; little twists and turns in the stories will help the children learn better lessons and see the story from different views. Allow the children to demonstrate their favorite stories themselves as it will be a lot more exciting and fun for them.

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