How To Plan A Viking-Themed Party

Viking-Themed Party

Vikings are great sailors or Norse seafarers. During the Viking Age, men and women were fearless and fierce warriors. That’s why Vikings carry such a reputation until today, as also manifested and celebrated in Viking-themed parties.

Check out these tips for when you want to hold a successful Viking-themed party:


Use Viking-Inspired Tableware

Your Viking-themed party won’t be complete without Viking-inspired tableware. Keep your elegant glassware and bring out your grandma’s wood tableware. You can also find affordable and artfully designed Viking tableware online, like at alehorn.

Here are some examples:

  • Viking horns for beer drinking
  • Viking hot mugs or tankard coffee horn for serving tea and coffee
  • Viking shot glasses for your favorite vodka or gin
  • Viking tumblers for unlimited beer gulping
  • Viking plates for your Viking cuisine

Viking-Themed Party

Wear Viking-Inspired Costumes

Vikings were easily recognized because of their appearance. Make sure that your guests will enjoy the party by asking each and everyone to attend in Viking-inspired costumes. The Jarls, one class of Vikings, were well-groomed, who wore expensive clothes, like silk, and jewelry.

Complete your Viking-themed party with these costume ideas:

  • Wear fashion jewelry inspired by Norse or Viking art, such as arm rings, necklaces, and brooches.
  • You can buy antler combs online, similar to what the Vikings wore, which suggests that grooming is a standard practice when they settled in Dublin and Ireland. Antler combs are usually decorated with interlacing, geometric, and linear motifs, or other forms of ornamentation.


Have Fun Viking Party Activities 

Outdoor and indoor games were very popular among Vikings. Hold fun Viking party activities to execute your Viking warrior skills in the form of archery, swordplay, stone-throwing, or wrestling. Whether you’re throwing a kiddie party or a bachelor’s party, it’s a good idea to have several activities readily available to keep the party going.

Here are other popular Viking game and activity ideas:

  • Viking Dice Games: During the Viking and Medieval times, dice games were favorites. You can find Viking dice games sold online, with various sizes of Viking bone dice and horn dice shakers.
  • Viking Board Games: Chess is also a popular board game among Vikings. If you’re holding a party for adults, launching a mini chess tournament is a good idea.
  • Viking Group Activities: Archery is a fun and exciting sports activity that you and your friends will love, which also genuinely depicts Viking culture. It’s also an excellent activity for kiddie Viking-themed parties.


Come Up with a Viking and Norse Menu

Famous Viking conquerors, swordsmen, and warriors love to eat rich stews. Wild greens and vegetables were stewed with water in the cauldron. Salt and pepper were commonly used while costlier imported spices were added to the food of richer Vikings.

Viking farms have apple orchards and fruit trees like pears and cherries. Also, wild berries were harvested during summer, including lingonberries, sloe-berries, bilberries, strawberries, and cloudberries. Vikings used cow’s milk to make cheese, curd, butter, and “skyr,” which is a soft, yogurt-like cheese, and enjoyed drinking milk, buttermilk, and whey.

Here are some examples of Viking food ideas you can include or incorporate in your menu:

  • Flatbread
  • Dried fruits with honey
  • Ale or mead
  • Buttermilk daily
  • Fish
  • Vegetables and wild greens
  • Fowl
  • Berries
  • Walnuts and hazelnuts


Put Up Viking Decorations

Make your venue a real place for Vikings and Norse gods and goddesses. You can create your DIY Viking-inspired art decorations, such as antlers, horns, swords, Viking ship models, and a raven flag. You’ll find custom handmade pieces online, too, and in arts and crafts stores nearby.

Here are some Viking decoration ideas you can try:

  • Hang a large picture frame or artwork of a Nordic ship or engraved wood pieces on the venue hall.
  • If you have a talent for painting, you can paint Nordic art on a big canvas or the wall of the party venue.
  • Create DIY Viking shields and swords. Encourage your children to participate in or join you for a fun party preparation experience.
  • Complete your Viking-inspired venue by displaying Viking horns, Viking mugs, tankards, and other Nordic furniture.
  • Assemble a Nordic ship in the middle or rear part of the stage to complete the venue’s Viking look. Undoubtedly, your guests will love the idea. Mini Nordic ships are also great giveaways.



Once you have learned the basic culture and traditions of Vikings or Norsemen, you’ll have a better experience holding a Viking-themed party. With the help of the Internet, you can source everything you need, from tableware, costumes, accessories, and decorations online. Enjoy your Viking-themed party with family and friends through proper planning or early preparation.

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