How To Promote a Movie Reviewer’s Profile on Instagram


First of all, we’d like to note that if you’re only starting to think about what type of IG account to run for further monetization, this one is pretty good – today movies and series are being promoted on all levels, including the micro influencers’ one. All movie creators and companies are always in need of a new person who would deliver a nice recommendation to their potential viewers, and this is why you can start off keeping in mind that your hobby can actually start bringing you money someday. But before you get there, you need to learn several important things about how to promote such a page: in this article, we’re going to review the most efficient methods, including a chance to buy Instagram followers for your page to create an initial base for the future promo.


Where to begin

Start with filling your page up with reviews and various movie related posts. You should know what type of content you are going to be using as the frequently posted one, and which one is going to be more interesting and more valuable to your audience. Post it a little bit rarer than everything else and create a special timing for these posts – so that people would get used to the schedule that you’re managing.

Then, when your account is filled with interesting info, you can proceed to using your first promotional tools. We’d recommend starting off with using a chance to buy real Instagram followers who’d be creating that much-needed illusion of a successful account that’s already loved by many. This way you’d be able to assure people of the fact that it is definitely worth subscribing to, and that your profile is better than the other lookalike pages out there.

The only nuance here is that you need to purchase exclusively real subscribers, the ones that are going to be delivered by people who are using IG daily and who would be able to show a positive impact on your page’s stats. And it might be quite hard to find a company who sells these; but we’re here to save your time – use the links that we have given in this article to find the websites that won’t let you down. These companies sell only genuine subscribers that are going to stay on your profile permanently and won’t get you into the shadow ban because of having too many interactions with the bots and the fakes on IG.

What to do next

After the base is ready, reach out to the movie bloggers who have nearly the same number of subs on hands as you do. Together you can exchange audiences (you have what to offer now) and get to the point where the number of your subs will double. After that you can go to the bigger bloggers and order a paid PR from them – it is going to be more “weighty” and will bring a more interesting audience to your blog. And when that step is done too, you can finally launch your first targeted ad. 

If you want to run a successful movie profile on Instagram, don’t rely on the “community” and on the free options that some people claim to be effective. Get ready to put some money into your page – and the payback you’re going to see is really going to impress you.

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