How To Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

iPhone Photos

Photos deliver important memories of days past, friends, and family however most of us have mistakenly deleted a photo at some point did you know there is an easy way to retrieve any photos you may have deleted on your iPhone? If you have, this short guide will show you how you can efficiently recover a deleted iPhone photo as long as it’s within 30 days from the day you deleted it.

Apple has a recovery process within the iOS operating system to easily recover deleted photos on your iPhone from the “Photos” app on your tablet or phone. When you erase pictures of videos on your iOS device, they are not fully deleted right away and are moved to an album aptly named “Recently Deleted” album for 30 days. Although after 30 days the iOS operating system will permanently delete any photos or videos in this album freeing up storage space and you can no longer recover them.

For this reason is always wise to set up an automatic iPhone backup process perhaps using Apple’s iCloud backup service or something locally which is easy to set up and makes sure all your important documents, photos, videos, and contacts are saved automatically to a location off your iPhone. One other point worth remembering regarding photos on your iPhone is if you use iCloud Photos and delete photos and videos from one of your iOS devices, the photos and videos will also be deleted on your other iOS devices simultaneously.


Recover deleted iPhone photos

If you have inadvertently deleted one of your videos or photographs from your iPhone in the last 30 days this short guide will show you how to access the right photo album where you can retrieve your deleted media safely.

1. Open the official Apple “Photos” app and enter albums

Open the Photos app on your iPhone and tap the “Albums” tab. Scroll to the bottom of the Albums page and under Utilities, you will see a tab labeled “Recently Deleted” as highlighted by the yellow rectangle in the image below.

2. Navigate to the “Recently Deleted” Album at the bottom

Select this and you will be presented with all the photographs and videos that can be successfully retrieved, with signs on each about how long you have left before the media is permanently deleted. Apple states at the bottom of this screen that this deletion procedure may take up to 40 days.

3. Press “Select” to tag and recover your deleted this iPhone photos

In the top right-hand corner, you will see a “Select” button. Once pressed, you can then select each photograph or video you would like to recover and then tap Recover at the bottom of the screen to start the recovery process. Recovered images will automatically be put back into your main iPhone “All Photos” album. It is worth mentioning that any photos you permanently delete from the Recently Deleted album will be permanently deleted and can not be recovered.

If you are still having some problems retrieving your deleted iPhone photos or video, it might be worth reaching out to Apple support before you try anything else, just in case, they might have a solution.

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