How To Send Trading Cards Via eBay

Trading Cards eBay

There are plenty of places if you want to buy trading cards online. Now, eBay announced a new way of shipping trading cards for the market. The new eBay Standard Envelope (eBS) may help bring more genuine sellers to the site.

The eBS is a low-cost shipping service that eBay offers specially for trading cards priced $20 and below that way no more than 3 oz. You can print a label and mail off the parcel for less than $1 and you get tracking. I don’ think there is any other service that offers tracking and shipping for less than $1 so that’s amazing. It also has shipping protection, so that buyers and sellers can trade easily and reliably.

The cost varies by weight, you should keep that in mind. 1 oz costs $0.51, 2 oz costs $0.71, and 3 oz costs $0.91.

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