How To Unlock Badges And The Fastest Ways To Do It In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23

Player badges in NBA 2K23 are one way of making your player’s skill apart from attributes. Builds circle around these badges and at times become very important for a specific build, In the game, you can buy players, player jerseys, courts, and even coaches to save you some hour-long grinds, you can check out mmoexp for more details and to buy NBA 2K23 MT coins.

These badges can take many hours to play and a lot of grind. This guide has measures to show you the quickest way to unlock badges in NBA 2K23 and mowed down many hours of the grind.

To start off this badge guide, let’s start with the methods of unlocking these badges first.


How to Unlock Badges

You will get four types of badges in the game – playmaking, finishing, shooting, and defense. Per type has its own “leveling meter,” where you need to do specific actions in that class to level up the character.

Sinking wide-open shots will enhance your shooting badge rank.

Playing NBA games will give level up your rank. Each positive step you do will reward you with points at the end of the game. These points will be organized for the exact type of badge.

You can earn past 10,000 points split between all badge types for one 5-min per quarter game.

Blocking, stealing, rebounding, shooting contests, driving the ball free, and other defense or rebounding moves will advance your defense/rebounding badge.

Striking open jump shots, 3-pointers, free throws, and other shooting moves will raze up your shooting badge.

Good ball movement, assists, pass leading to assists, pass that cause fouls, and other playmaking moves will level your playmaking badge.

Ending with layups or dunks and transforming and-1s will improve your finishing badge.

All the actions will be estimated at the end of the game. Playing longer games or switching difficulties can be a possibility, but we will talk about it later in the guide.

NBA 2K23

Completing team practices

If your team in the game doesn’t have back-to-back games, you will have team practices and you can participate in these events after each game.

Every practice will give you a full of four drill actions. Each type of badge has a lot of individual drills you can complete. They are categorized in difficulty – you will have the easy, medium, and hard.

You will be ranked from one to 3 stars whenever you do a drill practice. The number of stars and the hardness level will determine how many points you will earn to level up your badge.

Difficulty 1-Star 2-Star 3-Star
Easy 50 350 650
Medium 75 400 700
Hard 100 450 750

You can end up with four drill challenges in each practice. If you 3-star each practice on a hard setting, you could get a min of 3,000 badge points.

You can acquire more than 3,000 badge points because, at the practices, the trainer can call the entire team up and set their very drills for free.

Drills are all random, but they will get you to badge points relying on which category the drill belongs to.

The trainer can call a scrimmage where players will play 5-on-5 basketball for a quarter. You can gain badge points across all sorts from this drill.

These drills are random and from the trainer will have a badge-increasing bonus. The coach drill bonus offers you a double multiplier on leveling your badges for every drill.

NBA 2K23

Quickest Way to Get Badges

Check out the two methods to gain badge points explained, But which option is the best?

Practices gain you badge points somewhat lower than playing normal games, but it is certainly faster to finish.

Playing normal games can occasionally give you a little amount if you have a lousy game.

It takes about 2 minutes on average to complete a normal drill. Rare coach scrimmages can take your 5-6 minutes. Since you can have more than four drills per training gaming session, you can get up to 3,000 to 6,000 badge points per practice day.

If you don’t get the rare scrimmage, let’s say you 3-star per drill. Five drills (4 drills + coach/trainer drill) will take you about 10-12 minutes to finish. This is why not all drills start immediately.

You will likely to average around 3,600 badge points for all of these. After the analysis (3,600/11 minutes), you will get 327.27 badge points every minute.

Now back to the regular NBA games.

Difficulties don’t impact your badge returns as much. After finishing a game on the pro difficulty, You will get 9,863 total badge points split between four types.

Each 5-minute quarter game can take 17-22 minutes to complete. For the analysis(9,863/19.5 minutes), you will get 505.79 badge points per minute.

That is very higher than training. You ask what’s the catch? The 9,863 badge points were assigned to my player’s strength, which is most of the playmaking. Rebounding as a point guard was very hard for me, so defense and rebounding badges will take a long time for you to level up.

If you are good at scoring, you can improve your driving layup, close shot, and dunks and do finishing moves in the game to increase your finishing badge.

About the game settings, you can improve or reduce your minutes per quarter to extend or shrink each game. You might think it very much affects your badge points rating, but it won’t.

The badge points you gain are only linked to your playing activities in the game. Scoring, assisting, rebounding, stealing, and all the other moves give you badge points.

Playing with lengthier games might give you more opportunities to complete those actions successfully and get badge points, but you can just play even more games to reimburse that.

When your player gets better and better, the more you can get more badge points. Playing a more leisurely difficulty can give you more badge points because you can achieve more prosperous actions in the game.

But, you will forfeit precious VC with the lower difficulty. It is up to you how you want to play the NBA 2K23.

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