How to Use Instagram Stories to Make Your Business More Successful


Mastering Instagram tools are crucial for the success of your business. One of the most popular features on the platform is Instagram Stories – a nifty attraction that lures in more than 300 million users daily, with one in five leaving a comment. If you want to maximize your online visibility, you need professional services like InstaGrowing or Magic Social and to make the best out of your Instagram Stories. Here is how to do it!

What is Instagram Stories?

For anyone who has used Snapchat the Instagram Stories will seem very familiar. This feature that Facebook (the parent company of Insta) added to the photo-sharing platform enables users to post a small video or a selection of photos that highlight their latest activity. The maximum time for an Instagram Story is 15 seconds, so you need to make the best of each fraction of it.

There are several ways in which you can use Instagram Stories to boost your business. With the variety of modes that this feature has and the graphical additions that you have on disposal, the possibility of developing a successful strategy is high. Also, you can proceed to buy monthly Instagram likes to your posts and attract even more attention to your account.

The Instagram Stories modes explained

Instagram Stories go beyond a simple 15-second video that you can share with your followers. This slick feature provides several modes that you can choose from to diversify the looks of the videos you post. Here is a short explanation of all Instagram Stories modes:


This feature allows you to post while you are recording. Live IG stories are great for when you make official announcements or releases, and they allow users to interact with you in real-time.


Simply push the button once to take a photo that you can add to your Insta story. To record a video you need to keep the button pressed a little longer.


This feature creates a fun GIF of little more than a second that records an ongoing motion and then reverses it to create the “boomerang” effect.


With this feature, the recording zooms in on a subject of your choice in a dramatic, movie-like effect. You can use the Superzoom Instagram Story mode when you want to enhance your attention on a specific product or service that you offer.


The Rewind mode records a short video in a normal timeline, but it plays it back in reverse. It is a fun feature that you can use with movement and speech for amusing your followers.

Stop Motion

This feature creates a slideshow out of the pictures you take and plays them back in a “stop motion” manner. You can use this mode to increase the versatility of the stories you post.


This mode requires that you place the phone in a stable position somewhere and yell “Action” in your most directorial voice. It is a great feature for users who want to take part in the story without holding the phone as if they were taking a selfie.

All the videos that you post on Instagram Stories last for as much as 24 hours, which forces you to post stories regularly.

Why adding stickers is important

You can try the different Instagram Stories modes (except the “live” feature) in test videos before posting anything online. To improve their appearance you can add stickers to them, which increases the fun factor of your post.

There are very few situations in which stickers are not suitable, such as when you run a deadly serious business or when you post in regard to a sad event in your community.

Small details that boost your Insta Stories

Now that you have tested the power of Instagram stories, it is time to record a short video, apply some stickers and post it for your followers to enjoy. Here are some small details that you can add to boost its success:

  • Location tagging
  • Use a poll function
  • Allow your followers to share the story
  • Type in a few words about your story
  • Add a soundtrack

All these small features coupled with your inspired decision to buy monthly Instagram likes will enhance the number of followers on your Instagram account and boost your business in record time.

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