How to Watch and Listen to Music Online for Free

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Watching or listening to music online for free is something we all love to do, No matter if you are using it as a background while working, cooking, or cleaning the house or you while you are outside traveling, training, or whatever else. Finding something to enjoy on your phone, tablet, or TV is very easy. But you can watch and listen to not only music videos but concerts and performances of your favorite artists. Keep reading to find the best sites and services to use to enjoy music online for free. 


Watching music on your smart TV

Smart TVs are not useful only to watch TV or stream your favorite series and movies. You can use them to watch and listen to your favorite music. You can use many available apps to listen to music or even watch concerts. 

If, for example, you are using Kodi to enjoy some good music while you are home, here are some of the best Kodi addons to do so. You can just listen to the latest hits or enjoy a live performance of your favorite performer or band. Kodi addons and apps are a great choice when you want to entertain yourself with some content — music, videos, movies, and much more.

Many of the new smart TVs also come with preinstalled applications like Spotify to just listen to music or Youtube to enjoy the videos as well. You can also just browse different sites just like on your computer. So, let’s check some of them.


Watching music on your computer

Installing apps on your computer is also a possibility, but you will often just open a site where you can watch music for free. Here are just a couple of them:

  • YouTube — This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we are putting YouTube first. This is one of the most famous streaming platforms not only for music videos but much more video content as well. You can watch the newest video clips of your favorite artists or also recordings of their live performances. 
  • MTV Music — MTV is no longer only a music TV channel but a website where you can enjoy cool music. You will be able to watch all the music videos that are aired on MTV and much more. It also lets you stay on top of any exciting news for the music world.
  • Vevo — Here you can watch all kinds of music videos from every end of the world. Unfortunately, there are geo-restrictions, and the Vevo site is available only in the US and the UK. But if you are from the lucky people who can open it, you can for sure find everything you want to watch there. 
  • Vh1 — Another TV music channel that offers a website as a complimentary service. Vh1 is the place you can find hits from every decade. There are not only the newest hits but the all-time favorites of everyone that will make you dance from the first chords. You can also enjoy live concerts and special events. 
  • Vimeo — This is one of the favorite choices of many people. The platform is trying to upload the newest content as soon as it is available and give a fantastic user experience. You will be able to enjoy high-quality videos from any genre and share it with friends so easily.

How to Watch and Listen to Music Online for Free

Watching music on your smartphone

Watching music on your phone is quite easy. You can download different apps again or use your internet browser to access various sites. YouTube is the most popular app that people go to on their smartphones as well. 

Many people prefer to listen to music online on their phones, so applications like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal are popular and used by millions. They also allow paying users to store their music and enjoy it even offline.

Enjoying music online is very easy. You can find so many applications and sites to use in order to watch or listen to music online for free. Use it for motivation when you work out, a way to amuse yourself while cleaning the house, or a great background for while you are working. Find the best way to enjoy your favorite genres on the device of your preference at any time. 

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