How Your Opinion Of Pop Culture Changed Over Time

Pop Culture

It’s weird how the exact movies, music, games, shows, and other pop culture look totally different to you, with time. It’s not that the world has changed you have.

Cracked asked its readers to show us their reactions to famous and blockbuster entertainment when it first came out, and how they look at it now.

MOST RELATABLE CHARACTER: The Breakfast Club WHEN I WAS 16 Allison MOODY TIME ARTISTIC UNCONVENTIONAL NOW Principal Vernon HARDWORKING EXHAUSTED 100% LEVEL OF TENSION PREDICTABILITY WOW! Will she live? Charmed Awaken (2000) TIME SNOOZE! He'll be back in a couple of episodes. Supernatural Swan SonHIGH SCHOOL ME: Those poor saps with their soul-sucking, boring jobs. No wonder they're miserable. The Matrix TIME American Beauty Fight Club ADULT MENiles Crane 1990s How I saw Niles then: Quirky Funny Deserves to be with Daphne How I see Niles now: Snob Lustful Adulterer A jerk that deserves to beMy opinion on South Park over time. we can Follow J eat Ag I liked the e cussing, but I Awareness love ass! the my Turns aware- out ness raising steWatching THE SHINING as an adult ar CI E as a child CRACKED COM Return Of The Jedi ONE DAY AFTER SEEING IT OMG, that was the best movie ever! ONE YEAR AFTER SEEING IT Eh, fun movie, a little corny, not quite as gooMe, as a teen WANT MY 1 UD D MUSIC TELEVISION Me, Today AV CHANNEL ISIC BLOCKED CRACKED COM CRACKEDOON THE SMURFS high WOw, HEFTY IS SO STRONG AND BRAVE. HE's MY FAVORITE SMURF! FOR SMURF WOw, HEFTY IS A DUMB#SS WITH A BIG EGO WHO WANTS TOJames Bond Movies Where my eyes went as a kid. Where they go now. John McClane Younger me: This guy is one of the best action heroes ever. Now: This guy is a cold- blooded killer. How is he not in prison? SCO0BY D00 As an adult: The desperate, WHERE ARE yoU! possibly Who I identify with... mentally ill As a kid: people The trendy youngsters who who hide


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