Howard the Duck Making a Comeback?

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck may be the not so known candidate for a comeback into the movies. But he was one entertaining character and his experience of the alien world (earth) was hysterical. The satirical character, born in an all-duck universe and trapped in a human world, had its comic-book heyday in the late ‘70s and and got a movie in 1986. And yet, the release of Guardians of the Galaxy has inspired speculation that Howard the Duck may quack again.

Howard the Duck first appeared in Marvel comics as a one-off visual gag in a 1973 Man-Thing story. The offbeat character soon took on a life of his own, and in 1976, creator Steve Gerber launched a Howard the Duck title. Though the books maintained some crossover with the superhero universe, Howard was more of an anti-hero, ranting about the absurdity of modern life.

Whatever the case after his latest cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, Now Howard has a big chance to make it back into the movies again.

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  1. I wouldn’t get too excited about a comeback just yet… a lot of folks had issues with his appearance.. mostly in how he looked (not that couldn’t be fixed).

    • I am excited and people do have issues with everything, It was a great movie and love to see him back with his cute little tushie 🙂

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