HOWARD THE DUCK Gets a Honest Trailer


The 1986 famous movie Howard The Duck has become a cult classic since it was released back in the day and I have to say it is one of my favorite movies. I know many people don’t like the movie or now they can’t sit through the movie now but still, it has a cult following.

Now, Screen Junkies after so long give us an Honest Trailer for the film and now when it’s here it’s pretty damn funny.

In the movie, Howard the Duck is “suddenly beamed from Duckworld, a planet of intelligent ducks with arms and legs, to Earth, where he lands in Cleveland. There he saves rocker Beverly (Lea Thompson) from thugs and forms a friendship with her. She introduces him to Phil (Tim Robbins), who works at a lab with scientist Dr. Jenning (Jeffrey Jones). When the doctor attempts to return Howard to his world, Jenning instead transfers an evil spirit into his own body.”

The new Honest Trailers came with the caption, “Before Marvel wraps up a decade of storytelling, go back to where their story begins.”

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