Huge Hot Wheels Aquapark Track Finished with Waterfalls and a Waterslide

Hot Wheels Aquapark

Check out this amazing video here for you to watch from Backyard Racing that shows off a giant Hot Wheels aquapark this thing is amazing and awesome! If you’re a fan of Hot Wheels or have ever loved playing with toy cars, you’re going to enjoy this for sure. The video came with the note:

Grab your swimsuit and buckle up as we ride the world’s FIRST Hot Wheels backyard aquapark track! You’ll zoom down waterslides, waterfalls, gutters, popsicle-stick ziplines, a block city, and even get lifted up 12ft in a water bucket! We built this track using a variety of materials including 12 sump-pumps, hundreds of gallons of water, wood, ladders, clear tubes, popsicle sticks, gutters, string, magnets, Jenga blocks, plastic container tubs, zip-ties, our dog Kodi the Australian Shepherd, and countless Hot Wheels products.

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