Humor Quotient in Films and Videos

Humor Quotient in Films and Videos

“Humor can alter any situation and help us cope at the very instant we are laughing.” — Allen Klein

It really does not matter to which part of the world you belong laughter will serve to be the best medicine for all. The very fact that films are still made in the comedy genre in several languages across the globe; it emphasizes the fact that humor will always be essential to humans. A simple dose of humor can uplift your spoiled mood. Unadulterated fun has the prowess to make your days brighter and more positive. Our life, today, is full of stress and what better ways to unwind than enjoy the funny moments.

As far as films for fun are concerned numerous comedy films are being made even at this instance when you are browsing through this blog. If you trace the history of filmmaking you will be startled to find one of the earliest silence films belonged to the comedy genre. Thus, it can be hailed as one of the oldest genres in world cinema. We have often heard that it is easy to make a person cry but it is quite difficult to make someone laugh. The parodies, the actions comedies, romantic comedies, slapstick humor in films have entertained us for years. It is more than often difficult to accept films that devoid of the humor quotient.

Humor has the ability to alter human moods. Besides comedy films, there are end number of videos available on YouTube and other websites that are funny. In fact there are TV shows that feature world’s funniest videos. There are funny videos of both humans and animals. Whilst some of them are of few seconds, some might be ten minutes long. If you browse through these videos, you will be amazed to find the number of likes that they have received. Nowadays with the social sites taking the centre-stage, you can come across a number of funny videos from across the world. And when it comes to FUN, language is never a hindrance.

Are you marveling why humor has become such an important factor in both films and videos? Well, one obvious reason is that it is easy to connect with people through it. In fact, laughter can be used to break ice during conflicts as well. In fact funny videos can also be used for educational purposes. Humor stimulates the brain and in this condition it is always easy to put your message across the table. In fact in various parts of the world the humor quotient is stressed while educating children. Besides, various kinds of trainings can also be pepped up with humor and there are videos of the same available on the internet.

Mobile companies have also come with several fun applications that enable you to have a hearty laugh. With the help of these you can watch funny videos, create humorous videos and upload them online. So go ahead share the funny videos and comedy films with people around and spread laughter.

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