Ice Age Short Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe First Look

 Ice Age: Collision Course

USA Today released the first teaser trailer for Ice Age short Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe, You will see prehistoric saber-toothed squirrel takes a surprise trip into outer space rest you can imagine. It will be a new take on the prehistoric movie franchise.

“He basically rearranges the solar system to become the one we know of today,” says producer Lori Forte of the short’s story. “The thing we love most about Scrat is his perseverance and always getting knocked down and always getting back up, all with the single focus of getting or burying his nut. He’s very Chaplin-esque in a way, that dignity (where) there’s always another chance and never gives up no matter what happens to him. But (Scrat’s) just so delightful because he’s also a little bit of a departure. Our ‘Ice Age’ characters are rooted a little more realistically, and we can do anything with Scrat.”

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