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 British Furniture

British furniture has always been sought after and widely collected because of its unique aesthetics, elegance, beauty and deep-rooted ties to British culture and history. British furniture has always managed to stand out from the rest of the competition largely due to its neo-classical designs that go as far back as ancient Greek and Rome.

Today, the furniture industry spans globally and competition is steep, however, certain niche-specific brands, have made significant gains in the twentieth century capturing a new type of audience that craves a blend of both the modern and the contemporary when it comes to their interior and furniture.

Brands like Terence Conran, established in 2003, have grown to become one of the most iconic British furniture brands, hosting a wide array of stunning furniture designs and distinctive storage and display solutions for any interior space. Click here to check out Aria’s collection of high-quality furniture that is both versatile and beautifully crafted.

Content by Terence Conran is an exclusive business furniture brand that specializes in informal furniture made from authentic and practical materials to help complement contemporary interiors whether that be at home or office setting. 

The furniture designs are elegantly simple with a minimalist and modern look that still somehow stays true to British style and culture. The use of materials and clever designing and engineering is what helps give Content by Terence Conran that distinctive British furniture look.

The collection includes beautifully made side tables, shelves, sideboards, media units, drawers, and coffee tables. 


Popular British Furniture Styles

Having talked about contemporary British furniture let us now take a quick look at what other popular styles one should have an idea about when it comes to buying popular British pieces.


The Victorian Style

Amongst one of the most widely collected and sought after British styles is that of the Victorian era during the time of the industrial revolution. By modern standards, this British style is often considered too heavy, big, and impractical, however, the materials and craft used to build this type of furniture still hold a lot of value. Made from walnut, rosewood, mahogany, and velvet this furniture style was made to look royal and remain durable and sturdy for decades to come.


British Neo-Classical

Inspired by furniture designers from ancient Greece and Rome the British Neo-Classical furniture style grew in popularity in the 18th century thanks to its more contemporary style and aesthetics. Neo-Classical furniture was less bulky than furniture styles of earlier periods, such as the Rococo and Georgian styles, and offered a more minimalist and elegant look. 

The Neo-Classical British style has inspired many modern furniture designers thanks to its aesthetics that include clean lines, gentle curves, and subtle details that trace back to its ancient splendor.

Let us know your favorite British furniture style and designer that have helped inspire you!

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